Enter the Village Craft & Candle Giveaway for a chance to win a $87.20 USD Soy Candle Kit.

The kit includes: 1 x 5lb Freedom Soy Wax, 6 x 8oz Jars, 6 x Distressed Lids , 6 x Wick Stickums, 6 x Premier Cotton Medium Wicks, 6 x Bilingual Caution Stickers, 5 x 30ml Fragrance Oil (a selection of popular scents chosen by VCC), 5 x Clam Shell – 6 Cavity, 5 x Wax Melt Caution Label, 25 x Tealight Cups, 25 x Soy Tealight Wicks, 25 x Tealight Caution Labels, 1 x Small Pour Pot, 3 x Diamond Dye Chips (Red, Yellow and Blue), and Full Step-By-Step Instructions.

The contest ends on Oct 11, and we will select 2 winners.

Oct 1 6:06 pm