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Free Stuff Times Daily Summary

Dec 8 12:15 am

Here are today’s top Freebies, Contests, and Coupons & Deals!

Free Stuff


Coupons & Deals

Free Assassin’s Creed III PC Game Download

Dec 7 7:31 pm -get a Free Assassin’s Creed III PC Game Download from Ubisoft.

Possible Free $1 Sears and Kmart Account Credit

Gift Cards/Certs
Dec 7 1:51 pm

Login or register and if you don’t mind,   add Free Stuff Times as your personal Shopper. Then go here and enter the contest. Within a half hour you should see the $1 credit in your surprise point page. You may have to logout and log back in again, sometimes it will take a day to show up. You can use the credit at both Sears and Kmart.

5 Free Disney Movie Rewards Points

Tickets & Points
Dec 7 1:19 pm  -enter code: 25DOCYUL3 to get 5 Free Disney Movie Rewards Points. Expires Thursday at Noon eastern.

Free Redbox DVD Rental

Dec 7 11:26 am

Text message: DEALS to 727272, then click the link they send and fill out the form. A minute or so later you should get another text with a free DVD rental valid today only. –locator

Free subscription to Outdoor Photographer

Dec 7 10:34 am -fill out the form to get a Free subscription to Outdoor Photographer.

Free RockTape Sample -scroll down and click the contact us link at the bottom, where it mentions the sample request.

99 Free Kindle ebook downloads

Dec 7 5:54 am

These kindle ebooks can be read on the kindle, but also on your computer with the kindle program, or the kindle app on many different mobile devices. Kindle ebook prices change very frequently, so make sure that the price is $0 before you checkout. If this post is more than a day old, there is a good chance that many of these ebooks are no longer free. Make sure you visit this link to see the latest Free Kindle Ebook post, and all the previous posts. Happy Reading!
Today’s top rated books: