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May 27 5:03 am

Free Stuff Times Daily Summary

May 26 11:28 pm

Here are today’s top Freebies, Contests, and Coupons & Deals! Have a great weekend!

Free Stuff


Coupons & Deals

Free Colgate Optic White Toothpaste at Meijer, Airheads at Sam’s Club, Tylenol PM at walmart, and Club Crackers at Giant Eagle

May 26 8:54 pm

http://www.thefreeosk.com/find-a-freeosk/ -use the locator on that page to see if your Meijer is participating. If they are, visit the Freeosk Sample Booth at your store to get Free Colgate Optic White Toothpaste. Participating Sam’s Club stores will have Free Airheads. Participating Walmart stores will have Free Tylenol PM . Participating Giant Eagle stores will have Free buttery Club Crackers.

Free Skinny Shake Protein Powder Sample

Food Samples
May 26 4:17 pm

http://skinnyco.com/skinny-shake-go-pack-free-sample.html -login or register, add to cart and checkout to get a Free Skinny Shake Protein Powder Sample with free shipping.

Free Kemps Yo2 Frozen Yogurt at Stop & Shop and Giant Foods

May 26 12:01 pm

https://giantfood.com/login/#/coupons-and-deals/exclusive-coupons -login or register and add the offers to your card. You have to add them by tomorrow, but it doesn’t expire until June 8.

93 Free Kindle ebook downloads

May 26 8:16 am

Free Green Lantern, Superman Returns, Superman: The Movie, or Catwoman Movie Rental

videos & music
May 26 6:44 am

http://www.orville.com/heroes? -click get code and fill out the form to get the code. You can rent Green Lantern, Superman Returns, Superman: The Movie, or Catwoman on Google Play. Redeem by July 9.

Free Stuff This Weekend

May 26 6:02 am

Free Smart Sense or Harvest Classic Tomato Juice at Kmart

May 26 4:55 am

Download the Kmart app for iOS or Android, then scroll down and click the “Friday fix” section to get a coupon for Free vSmart Sense or Harvest Classic Tomato Juice 32 Oz. to 46 Oz. It expires May 28, but you have to load it today. 

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