Free SkillGigs T-Shirt

Nov 28 1:27 am a SkillsGigs account and click link in step 5 of the confirmation email they send. Fill out the form to get a Free SkillGigs T-Shirt.

Free United Sound Bracelet

Nov 24 7:15 am -fill out the form to get a Free United Sound Bracelet.

Free Bandana from Marlboro

Nov 13 8:37 pm -login or register, then click here and select your bandana to request it. -thanks Julie

Free Helmet from Lime Scooters

Nov 8 9:09 pm -click the take the pledge button and fill out the form to get a Free Helmet from Lime Scooters. First 25,000

Free peta2 Stuff

Clothing/Jewelry, gifts, Posters
Oct 30 7:33 am -download the Peta2 App for iOS or Android.  You can earn points by doing things like signing petitions and completing easy actions, and can spend those points for free peta2 merch—like T-shirts, books, posters, buttons, and more.

Free Tag the Flag Swag for referring friends

Clothing/Jewelry, gifts
Oct 25 6:22 am

Linkenter your email and click the blue submit button. Get 5 friends to do the same to get a Free Tag The Flag Koozie & Sticker. 10 friends for a Brushed Metal Credit Card Beer Opener, 15 for a Tag The Flag T-Shirt, 20 friends for a Tag The Flag Trucker Hat, 40 friends for a Tag The Flag Towel and 50 for a Tag The Flag Duffel Bag. Feel free to share your links in the comments.

Free WD-40 Hat

Oct 18 10:56 am -click sign up to get a Free WD-40 Hat.

Free Case IH Camo Hat

Aug 17 12:27 pm -fill out the form to get a Free Case IH Camo Hat. They’re looking for people who own or work on a farm.

Free Jeans and T-shirt from Zozo

Aug 9 4:58 pm -pick out your outfit, enter your email, then click the app download button. Open the app, register and confirm your email to get the outfit. First 40,000.