6 Free Holiday and greeting card samples

Aug 17 8:22 am

https://www.gallerycollection.com/christmas-cards/all-cards.htm -click request samples at the top and select the cards you want to get 6 Free Holiday and greeting card samples. -these come with “YOUR IMPRINT APPEARS HERE” text on the inside of the cards.

Free APEX u-Guard Tool Bit Sample

Aug 13 2:11 pm

https://industrial.apex-tools.com/#sample -fill out the form to get a Free APEX u-Guard Tool Bit Sample. Company name required.

Possible Free Samples from Amazon

Aug 12 3:43 pm

https://amzn.to/31x3HRY -login to your Amazon account and select the “Yes” option. Select the type of samples you’re interested in and click save.  When you’re selected they will send them to your default address. Recently they have been sending out some Dude Wipes product samples. There is more information at this link.

Possible Free Samples from Sampler

Aug 12 2:04 pm

https://app.sampler.io -login or register to see if you have samples available to request. Select accounts will have new samples available.

Free Perforated Paper Sample Kit

Jul 28 1:03 pm

https://www.perforatedpaper.com/Sample-Kits/ -click select and next and go through the steps to get a Free Perforated Paper Sample Kit.

Possible Free Sample Box from Gratsy

Jul 24 12:25 pm

https://www.facebook.com/gratsyofficial/photos/a.48113170 -click the messenger link and click get started. Follow the prompts and answer the questions and they’ll send you a message on messenger when you’re going to get samples.

Free Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof and Wax for Leather Samples

Jul 16 7:04 am

http://www.nikwax.com/en-us/webquiz/index.php -take the quiz. You have to get the questions correct, but you can take the quiz again until you do. You can get samples from them every 2 months, it’s been   2 months since this was last posted.

http://www.nikwax.com/enmygb/webquiz/index.php -you can also take the quiz on this page to get a free Waterproofing Wax for Leather Sample.

Possible Free Stuff from Daily Goodie Box

Jul 13 3:14 am

Linksign up for Daily Goodie Box. They sent out sample boxes from time to time, but if you want a better chance at getting one you should interact with them on their facebook posts. They pick certain members who comment on their posts to receive their sample boxes.

84 Free Kindle ebook downloads

Jul 12 8:28 am