Free MeTVFM car magnet

May 19 4:31 am -fill out the form to get a Free MeTVFM car magnet.

Free Defend the Flock Magnet

Apr 18 5:35 am -in the search bar on that page type: “flock” without the quotes, enter your quantity and click add to cart to get a Free Defend the Flock Magnet. If it doesn’t come up, that means it’s out of stock.

Free Meat Safety Magnet

Apr 11 8:07 am – email your information to to get a Free Meat Safety Magnet.

Free paramedic fridge magnet

Jul 7 2:39 pm -fill out the form to get a Free paramedic fridge magnet from Galaxy Medical Alert Systems.

Free TNT Fireworks club kit

Magnets, Posters, Stickers
Jan 17 8:01 pm -includes Poster, sticker, magnet and tattoos. This kit is still available if you didn’t request one yet

Free “Drink By” Fridge Magnet

Dec 2 6:10 am -login or register for Black Box Wines rewards and connect your facebook to earn enough points to redeem for the free “Drink By” Fridge Magnet.

3 Free Shutterfly Personalized Photo Magnets

Oct 16 3:59 pm×3-magnet%203×5–magnets?C – select One 3″x5″ Magnet and Two 3″x3″ Magnets. Personalize them and use promo codes FTYDRCV7B & APPMAGS in cart. In your cart click manage promos and uncheck where it says Unlimited $2 magnets. Make sure only these boxes are checked:
Enjoy $30 off your order
Free economy shipping on magnets over $10
Then go to your cart to get them free with free shipping.
Update – it’s still working, but will come to about $.26 shipped.

Free Jr. NBA Magnet

Jul 16 6:37 am -click the register as a parent button and register to get a Free Jr. NBA Welcome letter & magnet.

Free Breast Cancer Awareness Magnet

Oct 3 4:10 pm -fill out the form to get a Free Breast Cancer Awareness Magnet from Peri & Sons Farms.