Possible Free Zippo Lighter

Dec 1 9:12 pm

https://www.marlboro.com/pages/stories.html -login to your Marlboro account and click that link to see if you qualify for a Free Zippo Lighter. This is available for select users only. If the link doesn’t bring you there, click the stories section.

Possible Free Cheryl’s Cookie or $25 Verizon Gift Card for Verizon Users

Dec 1 9:03 pm

https://www.verizon.com/rewards/verizon-up? -open the Verizon app and go to the Up section and click your offers. Click “See More Rewards” or “Bonus Rewards” to find the offer.

Free video greeting card in the mail

Nov 30 5:24 am

https://freebiegreetie.com/? -send a free video greeting card in the mail with Freebie Greetie. You can send the physical card for free, and they can scan it with their phone to play a video greeting that you record.

Reminder – Free Stuff on T-Mobile Tuesdays

gifts, Other
Nov 29 9:01 am

https://www.t-mobiletuesdays.com/ -every Tuesday T-Mobile is going to have free stuff and contests available for T-Mobile Customers.  You will be able to access this promotion using their Android or iOS app.
This is live again for this week. Access the app  to get these items:

      • Free 10 piece Chicken McNuggets for new Mcdonald’s app users
      • Free $25 Restaurant.com Credit
      • 8×11 Shutterfly Calendar $8 shipped
      • $25 off The bouqs
      • $.20 off per gallon at Shell

    -Update – This is now valid for Sprint customers as well. 

Free 2022 Harrison Burton and Kevin & Keelan Hero Cards

Oct 15 5:56 am

https://woobox.com/r8phca -fill out the form to get a Free 2022 Harrison Burton Hero Card.
https://woobox.com/q9h67s -fill out the form to get a Free 2022 Kevin & Keelan Hero Card.

Free Wine Bottle Stopper

Oct 13 11:41 pm

Linkregister a new account to get a Free Wine Bottle Stopper from Last Bubbles. They’ll send it this fall.

Free Norman Cordless Window Shades

Oct 6 5:22 am

https://www.normanchildsafety.com/ -if you have a child 8 years old or younger fill out the form to get Free Norman Cordless Window Shades.

Free Smell Like the 90s Air Fresheners

Oct 4 4:23 am

https://www.joketown.com/smellz90s -wait for the box (that looks like this) to pop up and enter your email. Then scan the QR code on that page, and click claim offer. Download the Zelus app to claim the NFT. Some time after that, you’ll get an email that says “You’re a Citizen Now”. Click the link in that email to get the air fresheners free with free shipping. It might take a while for the email to show up.

5 Free Handwritten Cards from Handwrytten

Sep 16 4:34 pm

https://www.handwrytten.com/Promo5Cards -fill out the form to get a Free $20 Handwrytten credit. It’s enough to send 5 Free Handwritten cards for free with free shipping.