Free Old Sad Songs Postcard

Jan 8 3:52 pm -fill out the form to get a Free Old Sad Songs Postcard.

Free Qelbree Fidget Spinner

Jan 3 1:44 pm
-Copy/paste the link and fill out the form and make sure you click the “Yes, please send me a FREE Welcome Kit” box to get a Free Qelbree Fidget Spinner. –Update– still available.

Possible Free Gift from Black & Mild

Dec 23 12:43 pm -register or login to your Black & Mild account and enter your instagram handle on that page. Then request to follow their account. Sometime in a month or so you may receive a free gift in the mail for following them. I tested this a little while back to see and ended up receiving a free roku streaming box in the mail. I’m not sure if they’ll continue to do it, or for how long, but it might be worth a shot.

Possible Free Gift from Mr Beast

Dec 16 12:58 pm -download or open the Shop app and click that link(or scan the QR code). Then click request a gift. IF you get through you can supposedly get anything you want for free on the shop app, but I think its going to be really hard to get through. –Update– it’s more of a raffle that goes until next month where 1500 people will be chosen randomly as you click it, so I wouldn’t go crazy trying.

Free Buzzballz Fanny Pack or Cooling Towel

Dec 7 1:09 pm -make an account to get 1,000 points. Then go here and play the reindeer game to get 1,500 points a day. Then take a survey to get 500 points. Once you reach 3,000 you can get a cooling towel or fanny pack. They also have higher point value items. Their site is loading slow at the moment.

Free Justice for Animals Tote Bag

Nov 27 1:52 pm -fill out the form to get a Free Justice for Animals Tote Bag.

Free $4.20 from Cards Against Humanity w/ referral

Nov 24 2:37 pm

Linkmake an account and confirm by text message. It might take a few minutes to go through.
-Then on the right side of the page look for the grey box, where it says “write a yowza” and type the word Yowza in there and submit.
-Go to your profile page (button on the top right) and grab your referral link. Refer a friend to make an account with your link and you’ll get $4.20(it doesn’t come immediately). Your friend also has to write that “yowza” part for it to count as well.

This is Cards Against Humanity’s yearly black friday promotion, they always do something a like weird every year, but it’s totally legit.  It’s for the first 10,000 who do it, but they still have over 8,400 available at the moment.

Free Christmas Tree for those in need

Nov 21 8:32 pm -families in need can request a Free Decorated Christmas Tree from The Christmas Tree Project. Click the request button and fill out the form for a chance to be chosen. –Update – this program is still available.

Free Gift from Sleigh

Nov 14 12:55 pm -select a category and fill out the form for a chance to get a Free Gift from Sleigh. After a week or two you’ll get a letter in the mail with a unique code that you will have to text message them to verify, then your gift will arrive at some point later. It’s a new company that’s pretty secretive about whatever they’re doing, so it’s definitely not for everyone but might be worth a shot if you want the gift.