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  • rose

    I’ll be full term tomorrow!

    Cant wait for this baby to be born…so tired of being pregnant.

  • Retro


  • rose

    thank you:)
    You know, sometimes I feel like i can be more open with people on this site then people I know in real life.

    I have had to go through 9 months of drama since I got pregnant with my parents in law, who are as selfish and self absorbed as a person can be, so I have so much anger and emotions built up inside that sometimes i just need to vent it out…terrified about my growing babys well being.

  • Mandy

    Rose, come vent here any time. We freebie searchers have to stick together and we support you in whatever you’re going through. Congrats on going full term — I was three weeks early on my first and I never had more terror going through my veins that she was too early, but she was just perfect! So I’m glad your little one has had the love and protection of a full term and can now come into the world fully prepared to give you sleepless nights for the next 18 years. Give a lusty scream for me during the birthing process and just be happy that the human brain can remember *being* in pain, but not the pain itself. Soon after the birth, you’ll only remember the rush of love once they place your little on in your arms. I envy you that feeling. And come back to let us know of your success and how your little one is doing, okay?