• cheryl

    Our country needs someone who will abide by the Constitution and supports America’s traditional values!!!!

  • Scott

    His father would have been better. But, at the moment, I don’t see another better choice.

  • Jane

    His father IS better, especially on foreign policy and economics. Wiser and more learned, and he is not his father. I would love to throw my support behind any third party candidate who’d be willing to stand up for our rights and liberties. Remember, the lesser of two evils is still evil. Ron Paul’s philosophies and principle’s will live on with or without his son.

  • Lori

    He’s willing to allow terrorists and the mentally ill to buy guns. No background checks! Free for all!

  • cheryl

    Unfortunately you are ill informed. First he is protecting our second amendment under the Constitution….Second….background checks are already the law…but are not being enforced properly. Law abiding citizens abbey the laws….criminals do not. No amount of new laws on guns will prevent atrocities that are being conducted by criminals and the mentally ill. If a criminal wants to commit a crime with a gun ….there is NO WAY you can prevent them from getting their hands on one. I am personally the owner of a gun just for the purpose of protecting myself from bad seeds in this country. It is my Constitutional right!

  • calistair

    With your logic we shouldn’t bother having any laws because if a criminal wants to commit a crime, there is NO WAY you can prevent them from committing a crime. :uh:

  • anon

    Thanks – I send off for all the free campaign stuff from different parties and the history and government teacher uses them for a bulletin board display in her classroom. I prefer free buttons when I can get them but free bumper stickers work well, too. :rofl: I think the political parties think I’m – well, extra political.

  • cheryl

    where there’s will …there’s a way. what would work better is making ALL gun crimes a federal offense with tougher sentences!!

  • pilar