-company name required

  • Jen

    Got it. Thanks! :h5:

  • renita

    its asking for “12 characters” in the phone number field, but when i put in 12, it wont go thru? :dunno:

  • Bobb


  • renita

    oops nevermind, i got it! They meant in the top of the form, as well as the bottom business info part! lol it is Monday! :fingersx:

  • bella

    Swag code “YUMMY”

  • Bobb

    Thanks :h5:

  • Denise


  • sweepmeup

    bobb i cant get the # with 12 digits to work ???

  • Bobb

    Are you adding the dashes -?

  • Glenn

    thx bella :wavey:

  • JD

    I hope this comes. Whenever I see something like this for a free pen sample with your business name I never get it…and I have a real business!

  • katrina

    Expired code….thanks tho…

  • katrina

    Thanks. I used my dads business name and hope to get the flashlight. :fingersx:

  • Katharine

    “Thank you! You can expect to receive your free sample within the next 2-4 weeks.”

    Thanks! :bigthumb:

  • annalissa jankowski

    i want one!!! :wiggle: