Login or register and go to their site on your mobile device. Go to the Flavor Finder section and look for the dates where you can check in at a local bar. You can get one item for every night that they do this. This will probably only work with smart phones that have GPS capability.

  • Edyta

    What are they giving out?

  • Pam i Am

    fyi..i noted the free burger offer from Fox & the Hound Pubs posted yesterday..and also saw that the Marlboro Team is visiting some of their locations on certain evenings ..check your Marlboro team locations/dates, could be possible to go on a night to get BOTH FREE BURGER & FREE GIFT from Marlboro :h5:

  • I have no clue, but I’ll be sure to comment if I find out. Marlboro mails out some pretty great stuff, so Im sure it’s decent

  • Jerry

    I don’t know about anyone else, but all I have gotten for the last 2 weeks is Site down for Maintenance . when you call them they it works here but won’t connect you to Tech Support.

  • Melissa Shaw

    Is it just for big cities? I’m in Burlington vt and I don’t see any bars with events

  • its probably more focused on cities, the events seem to be more around the weekends too. I dont think theres an easy way to sort them though

  • have you tried a different browser? Their site acts weird for me sometimes unless I use a different browser

  • Snaaron

    :wavey: you guys are nuts. i got a free set of darts after reading a story about some bar in Utah. Cool beans.

  • Melissa

    Many many years ago I got a free Zippo lighter from Marlboro at a local pool hall.