Linksign up here and you’ll get a $25 credit. They have some items like iPhone cases, candles, clothing, and more that you can get for free with free shipping. -update-you now have to spend $35 to use the $25.

  • T

    i didn’t think this would really work but i tryed and i was right; it don’t work :confused:

  • Garden Gal

    takes forever to move from one page to the next or it stalls. and items are very $$$$$$$.

  • Denise

    Service Unavailable.

    Technical description: 504 Gateway Time-out – The web server is not responding

  • Garden Gal

    I give up. waiting over 5 mins to get to the next page. pass.

  • what didn’t work? their site is getting hit really hard so it will take a while to check out

  • anonymous

    had you not posted your referral link, i would have given you full credit for this deal. too bad!

  • Garden Gal

    can’t even sign out of acct

  • Jennifer

    Hey “anonymous” … do you think they make money? This blog isn’t just a hobby. What a rude comment to make. Appreciate what they do and the work that goes into putting all of these deals out, and stop posting complaints. EVERY other blog will post their referral links. Smarten up a little before posting such ignorant comments. Seriously.

  • cheezheadgbp


  • rileyxrsmom

    show some respect chris works hard finding us free stuff and he never asks for anything except to click his refferals its the least we can do when we get such great free stuff. he dosnt have to share with us but he does. it makes life a little easier this day in age. theres been so many times i didnt have money for something that i needed and i found it on this site or i asked for help in the forums and a fellow freestufftimer helped me out. go troll elsewhere

  • itfinallyloaded!

    the website finally loaded πŸ™‚
    i just left it on a tab and worked on other things and came back to it

  • msangelina

    I am very grateful for everything Chris does for us!!

  • kay

    Well put Jennifer and rileyxrsmom! :h5:

  • kay

    thanks Chris! :wavey: You ROCK!

  • instantkarma

    Why wouldn’t you want to give somebody credit for giving $25 credit? Seems sort of selfish..

  • bella

    Got an order for two candles to finally go through, yay! :wiggle:

  • guest2

    Took a while, but my order just went through. Thanks Chris! :bigthumb:

  • Paige

    Wow, this was so nice! I got the kumquat bar soap set for $16. It was very slow loading but I finally got it.

    Thanks Chris! πŸ˜€

  • Bobb

    I’m so glad I came across this site a few years back…I’ve been there too where I couldn’t afford a gift for someone and I just have to reach into the closet and grab a couple items Ive got through FST. My “FSTs closet” is pretty empty right now because of Christmas giving πŸ™‚ But it’ll fill back up soon enough. Thank you Chris

  • Paige

    Had he not used his referral link, none of us would be getting anything at all. You have to GIVE someone $25 THROUGH your referral link. Sounds to me like you’re jealous of the money he’ll get from this. How about put some time and effort into your own blog and post your referral link there, no? I didn’t think so. Put the big green monster back in his cage.

  • katrina

    It didnt take too long for me to go through. Did take a few minutes, and i got the $25 credit. I used that for free whiskey rocks. Thanks chris!! :bigthumb:

  • shay77

    Thanks Chris. I got Kumquat Blossom Bar Soap Set.

  • Carol

    Got a $50 shirt on sale for 25, slow but they’re probably getting hit hard-worth the wait.
    Thanks Chris

  • Bobb

    Mine went through I got the SET OF 4 QUEEN DESSERT PLATES my British friend’s birthday is in march…these will be prefect :wiggle:

  • kim

    pay sale tax $1.41 ? Did I do something wrong? help please πŸ™‚

  • Matt

    :bigthumb: Thanks Chris. For the one giving Chris heat, if you don’t like it, leave. :io: Plain and simple.

  • southernbellekathy

    I got it right off.Thank you

  • southernbellekathy

    Just got my grandson a shirt for free :h5:

  • Marissa

    Signed up and got the credit, thanks! Now I’m trying to figure out how to invite another friend so I can get an extra $25 to get this thing I have my eye on. Cannot figure out how to make a referral link, as it seems the “invite friends” page doesn’t load fully. Anybody know how to do this?

  • kathisierra

    once it loads it gives you the referral link

  • douglas

    I signed up so you can get a kick back from me Chris. I have no problem helping you if you did get anything for it. It is the least I could do for you for all the things you have provided for me and for other people using this site :bowdown: . If you have any others please let us know, I would be one of the people to help you :bigthumb: .

  • JD

    It may depend what state you’re in.

  • JD

    Woah, I’m always late to the good deals. It’s not loading for me right now but I’ll keep giving it a go.

  • ats

    How can I check out without a credit card with a zero balance?

  • Nishi

    The site either crashed or they took it down themselves for now because they got overloaded pretty quickly.

  • DrBopp

    Get a Serve AMEX debit card and they will probably give you $25,plus you can use the CC# for transactions such as these.

  • L

    You could try just going through the main page, but you only get $15 credit, not $25.

  • Sam

    Everything under 25$ are sold out

  • Jen

    I think I came too late. The cheapest thing now is $27 for some cards :uh: No thanks πŸ™

  • L

    Where are you guys finding the soap and candles? I can’t find anything that’s less than or equal to $25. :confused:

  • E

    When do these expire? Nothing under $25 left πŸ™

  • Dani

    can we use this credit for a while? hopefully there will be more items under $25 soon :fingersx:

  • Tatiana

    I hope the same

  • Dani

    Just found out that they changed the credit to only using it if your purchase is over $25 now that they added more things into their store :uh:

  • Melissa

    Purchase must be $35 dollars or more to use the $25 credit

  • bella

    Yay, I just got a shipping notice for my candles! :wiggle: