Prize: (1 winner) $1,000 American Express gift card

Jan 7 2:21 pm
  • karen eckoff

    :love: your magazine, could not live without it.

  • karen eckoff

    :love: love your magazine, could not live without it.

  • Kay Yankoski

    Photo of Editor in Chief: You lookin’ at me?

    DVF — I remember you!

    Karl Lagerfeld — Eat something before you blow away!

    Acquired taste: loved it [article].

  • karl sears

    :love: I love my w magazine!!!!!!!!! I just can’t live without!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karla sears

    :yum: MY W April issue ROCKS!!!!!!!

  • Carol Duer

    You have a whole page in your magazine to enter to win $1000. to join woriginals but there is no site there for the current date. What is this about? Do you want my opinion or not? This is why magazines are failing because your ads are just half assed anymore. What happened to final edits and quality control? The ad on page 23 of your recent White Society W insert for Vuitton is an example. The ad is good until you look at the brunette at the top. Ask me why.

  • Tamara Gauthier

    I have been an avid reader of W magazine for several years. I usually enjoy reading the articles and seeing the designer clothing and handbags and shoes. This was not the case for the May 2011 issue “Poor Little Punk Girl” Since when is glueing safety pins to your face and wearing Halloween hair a fashion statement?

  • Violet Ewing

    I really enjoy reading your magazine,but I get a really BIG KICK seeing teenyboppers advertizing glamorous clothes. They look like they invaded their mother’s closet and what’s even funnier is when they’re showing off ‘Wrinkle Creams’.
    I’m a fortunate 60+ year old woman with good genes ,still vertical and not yet tittertottering about with relatively excellent skin.It would be nice to be able to see really beautiful women as models. I’m sure thy’re out there. After all, the money being spent on these fine products is probably Daddy’s or Mommy’s money ,unless they’re also beautifully employed.
    $1000.00 would feel nice in my wallet !

  • carolyn robinson

    This has been my favorite magazine since it was calked WWD back in the day.Iam stull reding it today.Fashions are the greatest.I love every ussue.Keeep y p the great work.

  • carolyn robinson

    I have always enjoyed this magazine since I was in High School years ago.It was called WWD back in the day. Your magazine has been very inspirational over the years.I would love and be trully gratefull to win and advertise with a passion.Keep up the good work.