Login or register, then go here and go through all the slides. On the last one there will be a button to click to get the points

  • Donna

    Are these the same ones as a few weeks ago?
    Reason asking is it says I already done it and I have not been to site in way over a week 🙁

  • nikki

    this is old cuz i’ve already done it also, no points cuz i already did it

  • Mandy

    I don’t remember doing this before, but it says I have, and I didn’t get any points for it. 🙁

  • Carol

    Me, also. I don’t remember doing, but apparently I have.

  • Debi

    Yup, same here. Doesnt seem familiar but apparently we did it before. :dunno:

  • akbj

    Same here, I don’t recall doing it, but it says I have.

  • Mandy

    Okay, if this many people don’t remember doing this, I think something’s screwy with Recyclebank’s site.

  • Mandy

    I reached out to Recyclebank on Twitter and they had me write to info@recyclebank.com about the problem. I’ll let everyone know what they say when they answer.

  • Donna

    Thank you Mandy

  • Khy

    Same here but I looked at my activity and I earned 150 points on 6/10: Learn 15 ways live greener this summer. Maybe they changed the slides.

  • Jasmine