Register here, then you can enter 2 of these codes below per month. When you reach 5 codes you get a free box of hair color. They also give you product coupons for entering codes.
Update– You can still enter codes monthly, but it’s limited to 2 boxes per year again for 2015.
Preference #4G – Dark Golden Brown 70K910
L’Oreal Excellence Creme #2 Soft Black 70L703
Loreal Excellence/ light auburn / 12h702 & 12g603
Loreal Excellence/ Dark Brown #4 — 12hd02 & 70j801
L’oreal Excellence creme 5RB Medium Reddish Brown 12J00020VNEW
L’oreal Excellence Richesse Non-Drip Creme, Medium Red Violet 5RV 70K108NEW
L’oreal Excellence creme 7BB Dark Beige Blonde 12J601
L’oreal Excellence creme 8.5A Champagne Blonde 70K303
L’oreal Excellence creme 8A Ash Blonde 12G600
L’oreal Excellence creme 8 Medium Blonde 12J700
L’oreal Excellence creme 8RB Reddish Blonde Warmer 20V70L702Updated 12/16/14
Excellence Creme blond supreme – 01 extra light ash blonde – 12J301
excellence creme 9.5A color 12HD02
L’oreal Excellence creme 2 Soft Black natural 70L703
Loreal Feria / ruby rush / 2h1o1 & 12hdo1
Feria 56 – 12H800
Feria – B61 Downtown Brown – 12H600
Feria Violet Soft Black 12J400
Feria (Violet black) M32 12J702
Feria 40 Deeply Brown 25V 12J801 & 12J400
Feria Violet Soft Black – 12J801
Feria 100 Pure Diamond 12J39A, 12J100
Feria #60 Crystal Brown: 12J801
Feria Violet Soft Black – 12J000
Feria Violet Soft Black – 12K102
Feria Violet Soft Black – 12Jo00
Feria – Cool Soft Black – M31 Midnight Moon – 12J702
Feria – Natural Black – 20 Black Leather – 12K101
Sublime mousse — 60 light brown — 30h906
Sublime mousse — 40 pure dark brown — 30H33B
Loreal Color Expert – Color is 8.2 Iced Meringue – 12J300
Superior Preference – 3 Soft Black – Natural – 70K402
Superior Preference 4 Dark Brown 70K704
Superior Preference…. Light Auburn…. 12J402
Superior Preference…. Light Auburn…. 12J300
Superior preference 7a dark ash blonde 12j001
Superior Preference (Ultimate Black #1)…12J600 & 12J402
Superior Preference 8RG Paris Couture Rose Gold 70J006
Superior Preference…4M Dark Soft Mahogany Brown…70JN00
Superior Preference… #6 – Light Brown…12J604
Superior Preference 7 Dark Blonde 70K006, 70L002
Superior Preference 7.5A Medium Ash Blonde 70K000, 70L414
Superior Preference 8G Golden Blonde Warmer 70K720 NEW
Root Rescue (dark blonde #7)…25V 70J801
Root Rescue…Ash Brown 5A 12J101
L’oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss…Shade 5: Medium Brown…Code: 70J905
L’oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss (2B Blue Black) 70J002
L’oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss #6 (light brown) 70J002
L’oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss #8 (medium blonde) 70J706
Healthy Look creme gloss 5CB Chestnut Brown 70JN01
Healthy Look creme gloss 6 Light Brown 70K101
Healthy Look creme gloss 4G Dark Golden Brown 70JN00
Healthy Look creme gloss 4 Dark Brown 12GDO3
Healthy Look Crème Gloss #4 Dark Chocolate 70K501
Healthy Look #8 Medium Blonde – code 70K201
Healthy Look creme gloss #4 Dark Brown 70J601
Healthy Look crème gloss dark brown 70L301
Superior Preference Color: UL51 Hi-Lift Natural Brown Code: 12JN00