Linkregister a new Rakuten account using my signup link. Within 90 days you have to make at least $40 in purchases through their shopping links and they’ll deposit $40 into your account. You can make multiple purchases to hit the $40 threshold, and they have hundreds of cash back partners like Walmart, Target,  Shop Disney, Nike, Adidas, Walgreens, Belk, PetSmart, Gap, and more. You can choose to get paid by check or via paypal.

One purchase idea would be to buy a $40+ store gift card from, so you could get your $40 to any retailer. To do this, make your new Rakuten account, search for on Rakuten, and click “shop now”. On find a gift card that you want, like Home depot, Ebay, etc., and purchase it. Once you hit the $40 threshold on Rakuten, they will credit the $40 to your account. –Update – the $40 bonus is available again for new users.