Free Starbucks Drink for making steps this month

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Mar 3 5:01 am -“Record 400,000 steps from March 1–March 31 to earn 150 Stars to be added to your Starbucks® Rewards account, redeemable for a free handcrafted beverage or food item of your choice at participating Starbucks stores”
Once you download the app follow these steps to join the challenge:
Open the Garmin Connect mobile application.
Navigate to “More.”
Select “Challenges.”
View challenges and select the “Join Now” button to opt into a monthly challenge.
Follow the instructions on how to earn the challenge badge.
They have limited spots available.

Free $300 Amazon Web Services Credit

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Feb 15 6:06 am -“To qualify, you must have:
A valid AWS account, with up-to-date billing information
(reseller accounts do not qualify)
Not previously received more than $200 of AWS promotional credit
A sufficient business case and proof of concept to test using the credits
No linked accounts
Credits valid for 6 months”

Free $20

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Feb 4 5:05 am

Linkdownload the iOS app and when you register click join for all of the “clubs” that are listed on that page. Then connect your Amazon, Walmart, and Target accounts to get $7. They’ll load $10 for making a new account, then $7 from that. Go to the home page in the app and scroll down to the tutorials. Scroll through those to get another $3. It might take a day or so for them to allow you to cash out via Venmo or Paypal. Make sure you do the email verification under the Rewards-cash out section as well.

Old Navy Class Action Settlement

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Jan 28 5:05 am -you qualify if you made one or more purchases in-store at an Old Navy Store or Old Navy Outlet Store located in the United States, excluding purchases made while in Missouri, or online from the Old Navy website between November 12, 2015 and December 2, 2021. No proof of purchase is required.

Plaid Class Action Settlement

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Jan 10 6:56 am -you qualify if Plaid accessed your Financial Account or obtained your Financial Account login credentials, between January 1, 2013 and November 19, 2021.

Welch’s Grape Juice Class Action Settlement

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Jan 5 6:22 am -you qualify if you purchased Welch’s 100% Grape Juice Concord Grape, Welch’s 100% Juice Red Sangria, or Welch’s 100% Black Cherry Concord Grape Juice between March 23, 2016 and October 1, 2021. No proof of purchase is required.

Zoom Meeting Class Action Settlement

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Dec 30 5:11 am -you qualify If you used the Zoom Meetings application between March 30, 2016, and July 30, 2021.

ATM Cash Withdrawal Class Action Settlement

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Dec 29 5:24 am -“You are a Settlement Class Member, and you are affected by these Settlements, if (a) between October 1, 2007 and November 12, 2021, you (b) paid an unreimbursed surcharge to a withdraw cash from a bank ATM in the United States, (c) using a card issued by a financial institution in the United States.” No proof of purchase is required.

Belvita Breakfast Biscuit Class Action Settlement

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Dec 21 5:32 pm -“The Class includes all persons in the United States who, between November 16, 2013 and November 17, 2021 (the “Class Period”), purchased in the United States, for household use and not for resale or distribution, one of the Class Products. The Class Products include MDLZ’s belVita Crunchy Biscuits, belVita Soft Baked Biscuits, belVita Bites, and belVita Sandwiches products bearing the phrase “NUTRITIOUS STEADY ENERGY,” “NUTRITIOUS SUSTAINED ENERGY” or “NUTRITIOUS MORNING ENERGY.””
No proof of purchase is required.