Free $65 Visa Card for test driving Subaru

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Apr 5 5:11 am -visit this page and look for the test drive offer that looks like this on the bottom right(you might have to be in an incognito window). Click that, then click the offer that pops up that looks like this and fill out the form. Bring the form into the dealer. This isn’t available in all areas, you also might have to click around the site a bit for it to come up.

Free $25 Gander Outdoors Gift Card for RV Walkthrough

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Mar 30 5:35 pm – complete an RV walkthrough and presentation at participating Gander RV Sales location to receive the $25.00 Merchandise Certificate valid only at participating Gander RV Sales locations.

Free $50 Gift Card for test driving Hyundai

Gift Cards/Certs
Mar 27 2:49 pm -visit this page and a box should pop up that looks like this. Fill out the form and test drive a Hyundai at a local dealer to get the $50 Gift Card. You can choose from Amazon, Target, or Visa. You might not be able to find this box in certain areas, and you might have to disable an ad blocker to see it. You can do these offers once per 6 months.

Free $5 Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Reward

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Mar 26 1:52 pm

Download the Menchie’s app for iOS or Android and register to get the reward. It doesn’t show up immediately. It should be good for 60 days.

Free $5 Gift card

Gift Cards/Certs
Mar 25 3:27 pm

Link –enter your  VIN(or any VIN) and State, and click check now. After you do that, click the claim reward button and it will give you a coupon code to redeem in the Bitmo app to get your gift card. You can also swap that gift card for the other gift cards available on Bitmo.
If your car is affected by this airbag recall make sure you get it replaced, as they can be dangerous in a crash. 

Reminder – Free $4+ Domino’s Gift Card at 3:30PM

Gift Cards/Certs
Mar 25 2:06 pm   -register, when it goes live you’ll get an email or text telling you when it goes live to get your Free Domino’s Gift Card. I’ll be sure to update this post a couple hours before it goes live as well so you know when to look out for your text.

  • Fastest person: Five $100 Domino’s e-gift cards
  • 2nd fastest person: $100 Domino’s e-gift card
  • 3rd fastest person: $50 Domino’s e-gift card
  • 4th fastest to 5,003rd fastest person: $5 Domino’s promotional e-gift code
  • 5,004th to 10,003rd fastest person: $4 Domino’s promotional e-gift code

UPDATE – this will be live at 3:30PM eastern, so be on the lookout for your text message at that time.

Morning Song Bird Food Class Action Settlement

Gift Cards/Certs
Mar 13 7:01 am -you qualify if you purchased one of these products listed between Nov. 1, 2005, and May 1, 2008. No proof of purchase is necessary.

Free $2.99 Steak ‘n Shake Credit

Gift Cards/Certs
Feb 25 5:53 pm

Download the Steak ‘n Shake app for iOS or Android devices and register. Click the rewards section to apply the credit to your order. You can use it to make fries or a milkshake totally free, or to discount a bigger order.

Aveeno Baby Wash Class Action Settlement

Gift Cards/Certs
Feb 20 7:14 am -you qualify If you have purchased Aveeno® Baby Calming Comfort Bath or Aveeno® Baby Wash and Shampoo in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington or Wisconsin you qualify. No proof of purchase is required. The specific dates of purchase are listed below: Read more