Free Stop Texas Oil no on prop 23 sticker

Sep 27 8:41 am

Free Curél Sensitive Skin Remedy lotion Sample

Free Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel -take the quiz. You have to get the questions right, but you can take the quiz again. You can do the quiz every 3 months. These do take a while to come, but if you look on the What I Got page you’ll see that many people have been getting them for years now.

Free 2011 Christmas Seals

Sep 26 9:11 pm

Free “The Glass Is Full” decal-EXPIRED

Sep 26 6:20 pm

Free Slim-Fast Bars at Walmart

Sep 26 3:33 pm

Many Walmarts have these for $1 each, making them Free with the $1 off Slim Fast coupon.

Free subscription to Rouge magazine from P&G

Sep 25 10:52 pm

Free Host Gator sticker -for twitter users

Sep 25 10:13 pm -you have to tweet about hostgator

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