Free Dagoba Organic Chocolate bar-EXPIRED

Jun 22 11:01 am -first 2009 people at 9:03 p.m. PST on June 22nd -thanks kathi

Free Nabbit t-shirt or tank top and non-slip dash pad-EXPIRED

Jun 22 8:39 am -you have to register, then either connect nabbit with your facebook or twitter page. Then you have to nabb one song by either texting them, using your phones browser, or by voice and once you do that they say they will email you instructions to get the shirt.-the email seems to come in a few hours
To get the non stick pad go to facebook and become a fan. To get your phone grip please send an email to containing your name and street address. -no po boxes

Free Steaz Energy Shot-EXPIRED

Jun 21 7:30 pm

Sunday Site News

Jun 21 3:13 pm

It’s been a slow weekend for freebies, so I figured I would announce some news for the site today.  The Money section of the site has been fairly ignored on my part, so I’m making some changes to it.  I will be keeping it updated with weekly deal scenarios for your favorite stores like Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and more.  It will probably evolve into more as well, but I will be sticking to some of the more popular stores at first.  I will also probably be bringing some people on eventually to cover things that I can not as well. Basically there should be daily or more updates to that page, compared to the bi-monthly ones of the past.
This won’t have any effect on the other sections of the site. All the contests and coupons will continue to be posted as they have been, and there continues to be a TON of activity on the what I got page(thanks everyone).

Free cell phone if you qualify

Jun 21 12:09 pm standards vary depending on the state in which you reside. Generally, you qualify if you are currently enrolled in any government assisted program such as: Section 8 Housing,Medicaid,  medicare, Food Stamps, Home Energy Assistance Program, Social Security Income
Safelink is another program similar to this that I have posted about before. Might want to check it out if this one isn’t in your area.

Free subscription to Renewable Energy Focus

Jun 20 9:14 pm

Free 12-oz. Seattle’s Best beverage at borders-EXPIRED

Jun 20 5:54 pm

Free 3 year subscription to JVibe

Jun 20 3:23 pm -it’s for jewish teens in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Nevada, Maryland, Cleveland, Ohio, New Jersey (Metro West, Central and Middlesex) and the San Francisco Bay Area. One year free for Portland, Oregon, Rhode Island and to all JWest campers on the west coast. and a sample copy for everyone else not in those locations if you check the Free Sample box

Free Sample b

Free Yoplait Whips yogurt-EXPIRED

Jun 20 10:07 am -not valid in CA, ID, LA, MN, NJ, NV, ND and TN