Reminder -Free Duck Tape Sheet sample at 6PM-EXPIRED

Apr 11 3:55 pm -go here at 6pm eastern. The first 10,000 will get the sample

Free subscription to Stroke Connection Magazine

Apr 11 2:51 pm

Free Pemmican Beef Jerky -EXPIRED

Apr 11 12:52 pm

Free candy or beverage at CVS-EXPIRED

Apr 11 9:56 am

Free ZENONIA 2 game for Android devices-EXPIRED

Apr 11 8:34 am

Link -If you don’t have the android store installed you can install it here. -valid today only
While you’re in the Appstore check out the Free Stuff Times app

10 Free wings at Hooters -Socal, OR, and WA only

Apr 10 11:56 pm -sign up and print the email that they send you.

Free energy conservation kit -Tennesse Valley Authority area only

Apr 10 11:11 pm -includes two compact fluorescent light bulbs, outlet and light switch gaskets, filter whistle, two faucet aerators, hot water temperature gauge, home thermometer, and “How to Save” brochure

Free Richmond Flying Squirrels Kids’ Club kit

Apr 10 7:59 am

Free Invisible Glass windshield cleaner with rain repellent wipes -working again

Apr 10 12:03 am -they have a limited amount each day, it’s refreshed at Midnight eastern every night so try again tomorrow. They seem to have at least a few hundred available per day but it’s hard to say. -All gone for today