Register and enter invite code: 1c49kA and you’ll get the form for the shirt. You’re supposed to be beta testing their new site, but it doesn’t say what it is.

  • Vicki

    I think I got it… 😉

  • kellie

    Got it, hope this comes! :bigthumb:

  • Denise

    doesn’t work says invalid code and is doesnt let you register either

  • Eddie

    smells like a bogus site.. i remember we had quiet a few beta test website that had you filled their forms for a free t-shirt and those shirt never came.. just like the save limewire and save wikileaks.. all they do is collect your personal information..

  • Eddie
  • William

    “You are registered BETA user number
    1919 of 1920”

    Dang i was close!

  • Howard

    It works,1C49KA Just copy and paste it, exactly as I have it.

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris …

  • kara

    Here’s another code if that one didn’t work for you: qjwNTP

  • NS

    Here’s another code: 47gfBf

  • jen

    Worked! Thanks!

  • sandi
  • Michele

    and here is another code:


  • kATRINA f

    HERE’S ANOTHER CODE: lshr3K :rofl:

  • Melissa

    Here is another code: hEydbq

  • Tracey

    Here’s another code : 7hm7SZ
    I was user 5808 of 5815 …Good luck and thanks Chris…

  • Debi

    Heres another code. I am 6178. wow NJErUU

  • Debi

    6178 of 6178. then what do we do?

  • Todd

    Here’s one more code: zjhPUj

  • daniel

    here other one SGGYx9

  • Melinda

    Here’s another code. s400c1.I was 5455 of 5469.

  • D’Aun Boliver

    Its a new Social Networking Site, Twitter did the same thing when they were advertising b4 opening, if I can get my son to find it he has a twitter shirt, but the colors are different than twitter is now, so he won’t wear it. I will post it in the forum if he can dig through the crap that is his closet and find it lol

  • J

    8518 of 8518
    code 5Xh9PR

  • Richard

    got it

    You are registered BETA user number
    8563 of 8599

    Your Invitation code is: 1UOHwr

  • Jake

    USE THIS CODE. IT WILL WORK FOR THE T-SHIRT!! vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv


    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ USE THIS CODE. IT WILL WORK FOR THE T-SHIRT!!

  • Tracie

    heres another code GJbbCq

  • ec

    thanks! :fingersx:

  • Tracy

    Here’s another code:


  • cherie

    I work at this company and we are folding and shipping t-shirts at this very moment. All you have to do is register! What are you waiting for? And tell your friends!!!

  • cherie

    Not a bogus site.

  • Po

    Invite code: vk5hpT

  • tanisha

    heres another code q4EbY5

  • Sasha

    m,y code is bKneJG

  • twin36a

    here is a invitation code if u need 2IxII7

  • Steve

    9QClMK another invite code

  • Gloria

    You are registered BETA user number
    15225 of 15225
    (Whew it was close :kekeke: )

    Your Invitation code is: hdNdKo

    Thanks for post. 🙂

  • batman

    :bigthumb: Got it. I guess it’s like twitter or wants to be twitter basically like what google plus wanted to be and get people to get off facebook that didn’t happen 😉

  • Eddie

    Thanks! the shirts look really nice.. sorry to have questioned the site.. i have just seen quite a few websites doing beta testing and other websites offering free shirts that no one ever gets..

  • Eddie


  • Zsolt

    Another code: yZlEMw

  • nicole


  • imjustagirl

    I use different codes & e mail addresses but one home address a :bigthumb: :bigthumb: bunch of times. U think I will a bunch of T shirt?

  • jennifer

    No it will only send one per home address.

  • allie


  • Ally

    New code:

  • L

    Code: TMc0mf

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Carol

    I got the same thing 😉

  • Chuck

    Code YUeGNM

  • novarg

    Code SEpMP2

  • Amanda

    Invite code mBoyO1

  • Veronica

    If the above codes don’t work try this one:

  • Kaebot

    Apparently you have to log in once you have registered in order to receive the shirt, it give you a form with a shirt size option once you have. 😉

  • Lisa

    Here is another

  • Dawn

    Here is another invitation code: 8mH7up

  • Margaret

    New invite code: XVAKzi

  • BillB

    and this


  • Aaron

    hhmRnY if anyone is looking.

  • mixmaster69

    invite code


  • AnnD

    :rofl: This code works. I’m 35,700 out of 35,700.

  • steven


  • Joann


  • Juliahhh

    Gah!! 🙁 it keeps saying that the site crash for responding too slow!! Brings me to this error page. And I think I need a new code please! :uh:

  • vivien

    invite code: ACbVjq

  • tabby

    Invitation code is: ga0Ghb

  • JoAnna

    Invitation code: ebGOtX

  • Joshua

    Extra invite code: 6nva1N

  • Ashley Wagner

    Use this invite number. hih3EC

  • Michelle

    I received my shirt today October 2nd

  • Melinda

    I got my shirt last week. If you need a referral code mine is s400c1.

  • Heather

    I was looking and used your. Ty

  • Curie

    My shirt came. 🙂
    Was sent to my mom’s house, so I’m not sure when exactly it came!