-register and take the survey to get $20 in rewards. With that reward you can get one of these subscriptions: Sea, Essence, Golf, Golf Digest, Money, Outside, People en espanol, StyleWatch, Cigar Aficionado, Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated Kids, Time, Wine Spectator, Golfweek, People.
You can also enter 5 emails to get $15 more in rewards. You can do that once a week.
Update– They added Allure, GQ, Whisky Advocate, This Old House,  New York Magazine, and Wired.

  • Alicia

    Thanks. Got ESPN for a friend!

  • pam i am

    thanks :wavey: the ESPN magazine will make a great gift

  • Rachel

    It didn’t ask for my address at all. Are they digital subscriptions?

  • Ruthie D

    Thanks. Got shape again. 🙂

  • pam i am

    not digital..there is a red “continue” button on bottom right that takes u to where u enter your info after you complete the should probably re-try

  • Tessa

    Thanks a lot!
    Got Fast Company and Inc.

  • kay

    I wish they’d offer craft magazines. 🙂

  • Ladysteeler

    Thanks! :wiggle:

  • anon

    :wiggle: Got shape :fingersx: Hopefully I won’t get a bunch of spam along with it. I get Bloomberg and Martha Stewart right now for free.

  • getfree

    I got playboy :kekeke:

  • V

    thanks a lot for everything, because of this website I read for free:

    wall street journal
    us weekly
    working mother

    and now espn :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

  • Marissa

    Thanks for the survey update! I now have $55 to use. 😎

  • DC

    “20. If, in the unlikely event that hell does freeze over, will Pam really be willing to get back together with me? (Next week’s “Pam” question is about her sister)”


  • Jessica

    Lol! I don’t know! I said no…

  • chankagirl

    Just signed up for a co-worker. Got her SHAPE magazine.

  • Melanie

    I was asked to enter 5 friends emails at the end and earned $5 each. I entered all my junk emails and got another $15. I should have entered more!

  • MeLikeeMagazinee



    Please contact a system administrator.

  • Jessica

    I’ve signed up for playboy 3 times and it never came!!!! 🙁

  • Dave

    ANY combination @ anything dot com or org works too!!! :fingersx:

  • Pam i Am

    :kekeke: ironic? (sometimes some of them take longer to get started :eek3: …umm, any way, they might still come) 😉

  • Pam i Am

    thanks! 60 points so far:)

  • Lucy

    There is no Martha Stewart Living offered.. 🙁

  • Marissa

    I have $155 in rewards. Still waiting for some new magazines that might be of interest to be added. Thanks!

  • Tracy

    You guys Rock FST-Thanks! (Want Martha Stewart Living BAD) 😎

  • Tracy

    I got Martha Stewart Living! So very happy! My currect script was getting ready to expire. Have $10 left to boot. TYTYTY! :h5:

  • Horny McGee

    Mine never came either…I’ve been using my Shape magazine. Not as good. 😀

  • 🙁 My WSJ subscription ran out and my new subscription from rewardsurvey showed up in a week 🙂

  • Deb Blackford

    After I completed the last survey, they took away the $5.00 I already had, plus never gave me the $20.00. This is actually the second time this has happened.

  • Denise

    I have used this website for a few different mags & have had no problems with them ever. I get Shape from them now and Elle – I get emails from them once in awhile with free offers of mags so I get what I can.

    Thanks for always posting this Chris when available – this is a great website :h5:

  • Lovefreestuff

    I don’t see ESPN? :dunno: :dunno:

  • yeah looks like they pulled it, Im sure it’ll be back though. They seem to add and remove magazines every week

  • Allyson

    Do people even BUY magazines anymore?

  • SierraBreez

    Anyone know how long it takes to get the gift cards?

    Also is it just me, or did they remove the gift cards?

  • anon

    :wiggle: :fingersx: Got Shape – we’ll see if it comes!

  • RRR

    Thanks! 🙂

  • maybe

    I bought a subscription for Self magazine. It depends on the magazine and how much you like reading it.


    Keep geting and error messeage when it tries to go through. Any ideas?

  • Erica

    So, do you get a physical copy of the audiobooks, or do they send a link for a download?

  • Ariella

    Just got Vogue.

    I’m a bank teller so I put Teller as occupation. I also put WFB as company name. I hope they don’t track me down!

  • Sly Fox

    Update-there is a new survey available

    There is NO New Survey Available. Where are you getting this bogus info from, Please?

  • Carlos


  • RRR

    I have 115 points and no good magazine to choose from. Oh well! :uh:

  • Ken

    :dunno: It won’t accept my addess. prob because it is a new area. please fix this

  • ROXer

    Playboy came for me, along with many others. Just waited about 2 months for the first one.

  • ROXer

    Do you have any idea when they add new ones? I have noticed the same thing, just ordered Forbes, but not sure why… :fingersx:


    be patient- my account came up showing 20 dollars- i ordered 3 mags. since I knew I SHOULD HAVE ACCUMULATED 60 DOLLARS- ALL 3 CAME THROUGH AND IT LEFT ME WITH A BALANCE ESPN IS GONE

  • Kathy Huffman

    :yum: Just ordered Afar! I wanted Travel & leisure but hey Im down for a new freebie! Thanks Chris

  • Bx

    :fingersx: :run: :io: :fingersx: :io: :noes: :fingersx: :mail: :confused:

  • anon

    :wiggle: Thanks – got W. Love the free magazines!

  • Melissa

    Has anyone ever received any of these in the mail? I’ve done the surveys and filled out the form to receive the magazines and have never received any. How long does it take? I get the confirmation e-mails but have yet to receive anything.

  • anon

    I get several in the mail so they do come. You just have to be patient – one day there they’ll be. The only subscription I’ve had a problem with is Wall Street Journal – they hound you so mercilessly to buy a subscription once your freebie has ended it isn’t worth it.

  • VJ

    Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘sl_rss_filtering_hooks’ not found or invalid function name in /home/igneous/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 406

    I still have this at the top of the screen and I cant click on any other freebies except the first one on the page

  • anon

    I do if it’s a magazine I love – I buy real simple. But I get it on my nook I don’t buy the paper version. It’s cheaper.

  • heh

    good one! :bigthumb:

  • Qwassie

    Finally, somewhat decent magazine that I can waste my $310 on!

  • akbj

    The US Weekly sounds great, but I only have $40.00 in credit. It takes $70.00 in credit which is still a good deal, hopefully I can earn that in a few weeks. Thanks, Chris!

  • anon

    :confused: I didn’t see US so I took wired instead. They’re already sending me vogue, self and shape.

  • Lucy

    I have gotten magazines from this company before with no problems. What I hate is that they lure you in with the prospect of one good magazine, like “Martha Stewart Living” and then the rest of the magazines are pretty much duds in my opinion. I keep taking the surveys in hopes that they will put some good magazines up, but so far that hasn’t happened. Wish we could transfer points. I’d gladly give my points to someone who could use them.

  • Cathy

    Pretty cool!! I just got a $50.00 voucher for Not sure yet if it can be used toward shipping.. It cost 30.00 in rewards. I had 35.00 after doing the extra for emails.

  • Cathy

    Dang.. be careful with the 50.00 voucher from naked wines. First of all, my state isn’t even listed as an approved one for shipments, and you cannot use the voucher for their 10.00 shipping charge. Pretty long conditions!!

    Your $50 Wine Gift Voucher redemption code and password will follow in an
    separate email. Wine Vouchers are only redeemable by
    customers over 21 years of age and for shipments to AK, AZ, CA, CO, CT,
    DC, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, KS, LA, MD, ME, MN, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY,
    OH, OR, SC, TN, VA, WA, WI, and WY. Although this offer is not valid in MO,
    MA, VA, WV, TX, HI, NC, VT, a comparative offer will be presented to
    customers residing in these states who attempt to use a
    voucher. Only one Wine Voucher may be used per customer. Your Wine
    Voucher will be emailed to you within (3) business days. Wine Vouchers can
    only be used at the US online store of (minimum $51
    purchase). Wines ship in packages of 6 or 12 bottles. An additional $9.99
    delivery charge applies at for orders $100 or less.
    Additional shipping costs will apply for Alaska and Hawaii. Voucher cannot be
    applied to shipping charge. Voucher discount apportioned against all items
    purchased. Voucher cannot be used in combination with any other offer or
    promotion-including other vouchers. Voucher cannot be doubled. Product
    availability varies by state. Except where directed by law, the Voucher shall
    never expire. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted. The Voucher is not
    legal tender, has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or gift
    cards. The Voucher cannot be used toward prior purchases or returned
    merchandise. If the Voucher is lost, a replacement Voucher may be issued by
    Mercury Magazines upon presentation of evidence of purchase. Reproduction,
    purchase or sale of the Voucher is prohibited. Taxes, shipping and discounts
    do not count toward the minimum qualifying spend. Alcoholic beverage
    industry members not eligible. is not affiliated with Naked
    Winery, in Hood River Oregon. Full terms and
    conditions are available at

  • Cathy

    If I lived in a state that allows delivery.. it actually wouldnt be a bad deal. They have a promo case of wine.. 6 bottles for 51.00, with the delivery charge, it would only cost 10.00. Someone else should look into it. 1.66 a bottle is pretty good. esp. for me because I use wine for cooking and always spend more than that!

  • cathy

    Oh.. to get the voucher on the magazine site.. you have to click at the bottom of the magazines where it says.. additional magazines. Then more mag’s come up and the wine voucher

  • Wine-O-Saurus!

    Could you link me to that promo case? The cheapest case I see is $129, and the cheapest single bottle is $7.49.

  • Ann

    Why do I get this message and does not change.
    I have money for rewards and did mags before.

    Your submission cannot be processed because of the following errors.
    Please use the “Back” button in your browser and correct them.

    First name must be entered
    Last name must be entered

  • Sophie

    log oin and no screen for name and address even though I am a member and
    have points :confused:

  • cookie

    i got $3.00 per friend

  • Tawnya a

    I’ve gotten probably 5 different FREE magazines from this site! I love it! 🙂

  • jennifer henderson


  • Justin

    Does anyone know if I can use my points for a renewal??

    Thanks for all help 😉

  • im justagirl

    Where do you click to get the e mail forms?

  • kittymomma

    No wall street journal. :'(

  • Chris

    Wall street journal is $51 and $71, so you probably just need to earn more to see it. There is also a link at the bottom to “see all rewards”. Rewardsgold also has it, but only for 26 weeks:

  • Chris
  • Chris

    It really depends, sometimes they will add it on to your subscription if you use the same info, other times they’ll give you a whole new subscription

  • Bill Burditzman

    Racked up around $500 doing the surveys every couple of weeks over the winter. Quite a few odd magazines, but – m’eh….they’re free and help keep the postal service open

  • that dude

    Is the voucher worth getting?

  • that dude

    Nah, $160 minimum purchase not including shipping required.

  • InfiniteMidnight

    I take my magazines to the library. They have a free swap box.

  • Casie Kersey

    Same! You can also take old magazines to doctor’s offices, rehabilitation centers, and mental health facilities, or call around to local elementary schools and see if any teachers might want them for art projects.

  • Annye

    I often see Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings listed as an option in these Free Stuff Times listings, but they’re never listed when I try to redeem my “rewards.” Has anyone else found them?

  • freestufftimes

    Sorry about that, Ill be sure to make a note if/when the Martha options come back.

  • cory

    How long until Playboy gets free again?

  • freestufftimes

    haven’t seen it free for a while now, Ill be sure to update when it’s back

  • barb

    You can get Martha if you redeem points on the RecycleBank website

  • Anon Person

    I’ve gotten Martha Stewart for free. I get a lot of magazines for free now.

  • Kerry

    I’m taking mine to the library and laundromats.

  • Amanda

    10/24/14 ; just got ESPN magazine, still have $438 in reward dollars I can spend…..

  • Craig

    Thanks for the heads up about ESPN. Though I got it for $1 recently; still hoping to add to the subscription.
    The other hard one is Men’s Journal; please let us know. Thanks.

  • Kevin M Wilke Sr

    I logged in and did the new survey, however I’m not seeing ESPN. Did I miss it? 🙁

  • eruby

    Didn’t see it either

  • Leslie

    I am pretty bummed cos I haven’t seen “Guitar World” I have seen “Guitar Player” but GW is elusive. Subscription ran out in the beginning of summer.

  • Leslie

    I am pretty bummed cos I haven’t seen “Guitar World” I have seen “Guitar Player” but GW is elusive. Subscription ran out in the beginning of summer.

  • Bill Burditzman

    Surprise your neighbor with a pile of random magazines? YES!

  • Bill Burditzman

    Surprise your neighbor with a pile of random magazines? YES!

  • anonymous

    Great idea-could subscribe him to girlie mags..the possibilities are endless-thanks for the idea.

  • anonymous

    Great idea-could subscribe him to girlie mags..the possibilities are endless-thanks for the idea.

  • ilikefreestuff

    When I started on this site not to long ago Imwas able to get Marta Stewart. That is a really nice magazine. If it comes around again everyone should make sure and get it or give it as a gift.

  • ilikefreestuff

    When I started on this site not to long ago Imwas able to get Marta Stewart. That is a really nice magazine. If it comes around again everyone should make sure and get it or give it as a gift.

  • Winnie Romano

    Not on mine either!

  • ugh yeah sorry its gone already again. Was available for a few hours today 🙁

  • eruby

    Just got the ESPN Magazine.

  • Rose

    I got the wall street journal and wired this time around, also got rolling stone a bit ago. They actually have some decent magazines, we already get The Economist, I just wish they had Foreign Affairs.

  • Una Known

    I got the free subscription to US Weekly. It comes but be warned – unless you love the Kardashians you won’t want it. It’s a story about them every … single … week.

  • twistedcarrot05

    Absolutely terrible. Basically worthless.

  • twistedcarrot05

    When it says once a week, is that a calendar week or week from each time you enter the emails?

  • Elisegable

    There are a few others on the list, but notably, what ISN’T there is: Glamour, Brides, Forbes, Siempre Mujer, and Golf World (which would never be on any list because as of last summer, it’s free and only on the internet on the Golf Digest website). (Also, it’s “Vanidades” magazine)

  • I’m pretty sure it’s a calendar week. It just resets on a certain day. Do the friend referral thing too, you just have to put in emails, you don’t have to actually get a friend to sign up.

  • twistedcarrot05

    there are a lot of magazines not on the list, idiot.

  • twistedcarrot05

    Took forever, but finally got the Economist.

  • Dina

    Carrot, you aren’t processing how this works. The abive post changed and always changes to reflect the current mags. The reason the poster is saying what is noticably not there is because on that day, the post listed them as being among the current mags and they were not making the poster correct. now the post changed with new mags in the list and you are matching up todays post opf mags with OLD COMMENTS. I think that makes YOU the idiot.

  • X

    Do not see Time Magazine (3/30/2016)

  • i’m not sure what’s going on with their site. I just saw Time and Money on my account, and now I dont. But I have another rewardsurvey account that Ive never used and I see them available there. Not sure if it’s an account thing or if it’s an issue with their site.

  • Asmithcwp002

    Money magazine doesn’t show up and I really want that one!

  • do you still not see it? I was only seeing it in one of my accounts yesterday, now it’s in both.

  • Bridget

    thank you those are brand new

  • Marissa

    Not seeing EW. Phooey.

  • I’m not sure whats up with their site lately, but thats happened to me too. I made a second account to test this out and see if other magazines were available, and its available on that newer account. Not sure why

  • DramaFreeZone


  • Bob

    Could not find Entertainment Weekly

  • Im still not seeing it in my older account, but my newer account still has it available.

  • lk

    Chris, thanks for these! I work at a small high school library and I’ve gotten some great magazines for our school. The teachers really like using the magazines to supplement their classroom instruction.

  • no problem! Glad they help out 🙂

  • Craig

    ESPN w/ Insider is back. Not sure how long it lasts.

  • great, thanks craig!

  • ilikefreestuff

    omg I THOUGHT THE SAME THING I WAS SO SICK OF THEM IN EVERY SINGLE ISSUE I was actually thinking they were part owners.

    I got a subscription to PEople for a few months SOOOOO much better then Us Weekly

  • ilikefreestuff

    I take mine to the gym I lay them out in the locker room and within one hour they are all gone.

  • timothy ray snider

    ok thank you