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  • Denise

    Got it! Thank You!

  • Vickie Hays

    I guitar pick would be really nice

  • Katharine

    Got ’em! Thanks! :bigthumb:

  • Kay

    Got ’em! Thanks Chris! :wavey:

  • Sarah

    I want one please!

  • rbrasher

    I hope this comes. I never received the bandana or the seasoning rub. 😡

  • Amanda

    Not even 5000 comments yet. Can’t wait to get this one!

  • garden gal

    I never got the chicken rub either, it is just sitting at fed ex with a label created, but my deck of cards is on the move, waiting for the bottle tool, a cust sat gift, and now the guitar picks to start the process.

  • Carol

    I tried to get it but can’t please help Ty :kekeke:

  • Deb

    Got them! only up to 11K but expires on the 14th.

  • Angelia Wilder

    Love it :rofl: :rofl:

  • Angelia Wilder


  • Katharine

    I hope they come! :fingersx: I got the pack of card (A “Steampunk” deck of Bicycle cards) but I have yet to get the bar tool.

  • larry flores

    got it thanks

  • heather miller

    Id love to have these

  • Kayla

    i would like one but the link didn’t work for me