Register here to get a $5 credit, then update your dogs birthday through the link at the top of their site to get $5 more. They have items that are $10 and under that you can get for free with free shipping. -update-they got rid of the $5 birthday credit now.

  • edyta

    Thank you got a stuffed animal for my kid :p lol

  • Carol

    didn’t get credit for signing up and error messsge after filling in my dogs info-so no credit for either.

  • Jen

    Got it! Free shipping!

    One Deer Antler
    Quantity: 1
    Option: Small
    Price: $9.00

  • Alicia

    error message, site is crashed

  • bitrspurs

    Their site is slow, but keep trying and it will go through.

  • Paige

    Got my pup a meaty pork joint. Thanks :)

  • Katrina

    I got the same thing. :)

  • Jen

    Nice! I can’t wait to get it and give it to my dog :h5:

  • katrina


    Such a great deal. They ran out of most of the things under $10 but I bought a two bag of dog treats for $11 and only had to pay the difference of $1 shipped!!! :bigthumb:

  • kay

    I bought a toy for a buck on a prepaid. :wavey: Thanks Chris!

  • Sheryl

    Where is the link for my dogs birthday???

  • kathisierra

    I found a link in the drop down under my account says my dogs

  • cassandra

    sign up through my link please :)

  • Guerita

    Too late. Everything under $10 is gone. And you no longer get more credit just for getting friends to sign up. They have to make their first purchase before you get credit.

  • Kathy

    Updated my Joe Dirt’s bday and no credit :dunno:

  • Tatiana

    hope they will get items under $10 again

  • akbj

    The site wasn’t working for awhile so when I went back, I added my dogs birthday, and it didn’t add the other $5.00? Wonder if that part is over?

  • 123Tennessee

    Yeah, add birthdate and no 5 credit?

  • Amber

    Got the $5 for registering but it looks like they no longer add credit for doggies’ birthdays. Neat site, though!

  • Sly

    For everybody who was able to score $10 in credit: they have a really nice collar and it’s exactly $10, so I was able to score it FREE!