-if you have an American Express card you can get a free 1 year ShopRunner account. It gives you free 2 day shipping at many online stores.

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  • Bobb

    Thank you

  • Shelia

    What is ShopRunner? Something like Amazon? Is it
    trustworthy? I will pass. I love Amazon.

  • peekaboo

    It’s totally trustworthy. It’s a service that gives you free two day shipping at TONS of online stores. For instance – go to, click on the red Clearance Blowout icon, scroll down and on the left you’ll see a green icon with a little guy running-if you find a product that has that icon on it, you can get free two day shipping if you sign up for this. I’ve saved a TON of money. Amazon is great, but ShopRunner works for a lot of different stores. If you do a lot of online shopping, don’t pass this up!

  • peekaboo

    Also, membership is usually like $79 a year-free is much better!

  • Yea Ive used my free account a bunch of times. A lot of users here probably already have a free account since they gave those away so much last year

  • peekaboo

    Yeah, that’s how I got mine. I got it free when they first started, then they gave away another free year, and then they also gave me an extra 3 months free for being a loyal customer :bigthumb:

  • shelly

    Warning: according to the fine print, this appears to be for new Amex members only, not current card owners. Or to current card owners who ALREADY have a Shoprunner membership.

  • MustOnlyBuyWithAMEX?

    And when you buy, are you limited to using your AMEX card??

  • nope they have no clue once you have the account. When you use shoprunner on a participating retailers website you just login with your shoprunner account info and it will work. Doesnt matter what credit card you use at that point

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