Login or register, then click here and click the blue snowflakes and click the next button twice to get the free points link.

-Update – You can get 15 more points when you click this link and click the get started button

  • kitty


  • Aj

    Yay! Only 45 more points to go before I can get a gift card! :wiggle:

  • akbj

    Me too! I need 73 points for a gift card, and I just spent 40 points on a good coupon…thanks for reminding us of this today, Chris! :h5:

  • Kay

    Thanks Chris! :wavey: Was down to 57 – after getting an itunes card last week. Time to build up again. :bigthumb:

  • kalmanizer

    Merry Chanukah, y’all. 🙂

    Hey Chris, if you scroll down that link that you mentioned where you can get 15 points you can ALSO watch some video and take a short quiz to get another 25 recycle bank points. 🙂

    Also once you hit 1,500 Recycle Bank Points you can opt out using the 1,500 recycle Bank Points for a $5 Amazon Gift Card. 🙂