Free shipping with DHL

Jun 10 2:02 pm

I woulda found this funny if UPS delivered it to me instead of DHL :kekeke:

Playtex Bottle with dropins

Kits, Samples
Jun 10 1:59 pm
:eek3: My lil girl seen this and goes, MMMMMM a bottle! She hasn’t had a bottle in forever, I got this for my neighbors lil boy.|

One Touch Ultra Mini Color

Jun 10 1:57 pm

Free handheld fan & info

Kits, Other
Jun 10 6:21 am

I like this little white handheld fan, it has so much power to keep you cool. I actually had it turned on in the picture. :kekeke: In this “Cool Down Kit” there’s also a $10 off on PREMPRO prescription, Menopausal symptom tracker, and a booklet on menopause and prempro. –link

DMC Cross-Stitch Mentor Kit

Kits, Other, Pins, Samples
Jun 10 6:17 am

It came with a DMC Mentor pin, 4 Cyclamen mini starter-kits, a Mentor Design Brochure, and 6 business cards. This looks interesting since I’ve never cross-stitched before. I need to get a Tapestry needle :kekeke: –link

Free DMC Cross-Stitch Mentor Kit

Jun 8 2:55 pm

Posting appears to be working because I switched computers…? Okay then. :bigthumb:

Woman Challenge Kit

Jun 7 3:56 pm

It came with a calendar, a booklet, and a pamphlet on when to get tested for different diaseases.
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Free 2008 Celebrate Urban Birds Kit

Jun 7 1:47 pm

Free 2008 Celebrate Urban Birds Kit

Jun 7 11:22 am

Free sports teams fan packs

Jun 6 1:50 pm

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this is cute and that is a full page of temporary tattoos!