Free Scissors and Headlamp at Harbor freight

πŸ“¬ 3-2 2023 Free mail πŸ“Ί TV Guide πŸ‘ͺ People πŸ‘—Elle πŸ“ Town & Country πŸ’„ Harper’s Bazaar πŸ‹ CE πŸ‘‘ Vanity Fair 🏺 People πŸ‘™ Conde Nast Traveler 🏍 Road Runner πŸ’ƒ Dance πŸ‘‚ Hearing Health πŸšͺ Southern Living πŸ”ŒThe Cooperative Connection πŸ’Serena & Lily πŸ” Digi-Key πŸ• Real Simple 🌺 Schreiner’s Gardens πŸ€‘ Fundamentals πŸ› Better Homes & Gardens 🏷 Creative safty supply πŸ“š

May 4 4:01 am

Free Birthday gifts from Redman

Jun 15 3:44 am

🎁 Birthday giftsπŸ’ from Redman πŸ™ Thank you very much REDMAN🚭

Free Michael Clark signed bookplate

May 25 3:44 am

πŸ“¬ #MichaelClarkBooks sent us a signed bookplate to stick inside the book ” The Patience of a Dead Man ” πŸ™ Thank you very much Michael Clark Books πŸ†

Free Sherwin-Williams Fan Deck

Dec 27 4:10 am

πŸ“¬ Free Sherwin-Williams Fan Deck 🎨 from ChromaSource, Inc. Fulfillment 🌈 Thank you very much #SherwinWilliams and #ChromaSource,Inc. Fulfillment πŸ–Ό πŸ–Œ

Free Stuff from Fairfield Veterans parade

Nov 1 11:58 pm

πŸ™ candy 🍭 yardstick I and American πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ flags from Fairfield Veterans parade πŸŽ‰

πŸ“¬ 10-02-2021 FREE mail πŸŽƒ Elle πŸ‘— Harper’s Bazaar πŸ‘ͺ People πŸ› Country Living β›Ί Conde’ Nast Traveler β›½ Insurance Journal 🍰 Taste of Home β›ͺ Believer’s Voice of Victory πŸ”Œ The Cooperative Connection 🚭 Skoal and 🚬 Virginia Slims coupons πŸ“š

Oct 2 10:46 pm

3 Free Hallmark Cards

Sep 22 3:28 am

πŸ“¬ Free 3 Hallmark Cards 🎴 Thank you πŸ™ very much #Hallmark and #CardsDoMore 🌈

Free With Gratitude cards

Sep 11 3:22 am

πŸ“¬ Free With Gratitude πŸ™ cards πŸƒ from Gifts of Gratitude 🌈 Thank you very much πŸŽ‰ and #GiftsOfGratitude πŸ†

Free Lourdes Holy Water

Sep 4 3:48 am

πŸ“¬ Free Lourdes Holy Water πŸ’¦ from Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital πŸ₯ Thank you πŸ™ very much #Lourdes and #OurLadyOfLourdes Hospital β›ͺ️