Fancy Feast Deluxe Kit

Fancy Feast Kit with samplesFancy Feast Cat Food Kit

This kit came with a can of food, hard food sample and 2 coupons. Handsome display box, really nice kit-my cat really loved it!

Dr Brandt Makeup Bag

Kits, Samples
Nov 3 9:31 am

Dr Brandt Makeup bag and samples

Got this last week, and is one of the best samples to date! It’s awesome came with it’s own bag, “and” filled with all kinds of samples!

Free Five Moms Manicure Set

Sep 25 2:22 pm

I recieved my 5 moms manicure set today! it came in a carrying case and it had a pair of nail clippers, a nail file,scissors,a weird thing, and 2 cuticle pusher thingies.:) Thanks!dsc00288.JPG

Free Delmonte/StarKist Pledge to Get Healthy Starter Kit with Pedometer

Aug 20 12:11 pm

Just got my “pledge to get healthy kit”. It came with a package of tuna, pedometer, notepad with magnets on the back, book with coupons, and elastic wristband.