Free Right Decisions, Right Now Afterschool Kit

Feb 4 3:47 pm

Chivas Flask (Nice) :)

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Jan 30 3:54 pm

Mail to:
TriStar Fulfillment
PO Box 9011
Bridgeport, NJ 08014-9911

This was really great, right up there with one of the bestest freebie-didn’t think it would be that nice, gave to a friend that likes Absolute-she loved it!

Hyundai Tire Gage

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Jan 30 3:45 pm


This was nice, came with a whole kit, we actaully are going to have a new driver in the house. This came with a tire gage, and little velcro case to loop on the belt. FREE-how can anyone complain about something free? Can’t figure it out for the life of me-

Ready, Set, Read! Target Offer-

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Jan 30 3:37 pm

Ready, Set, Read! its supposed to come with backpack, books, stickers & bookmarks-It did!

Free South Beach living foods sample kit

Jan 24 3:29 pm

Free Style your Slim starter kit from Slim-Fast

Jan 14 12:16 pm

Health Improvement Kit

Dec 14 11:31 am

This is a nice small Health kit. It includes a small pocket size 130 page guide to practically every food you can think of, it includes sat fat, fat, calories ect several healthlisting of most foods that are available today. Real nice book to carry when you go shopping. Thanx

Johnson & Johnson Pins

Johnson & Johnson Pins

Call 1-866-565-2229 and press 1 -its an automated call

This came in a kit with tons of things….Call!

Hot Flash Relief Spray

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Nov 10 2:45 pm

Hot Flash Spray for Women

This came in a kit with lots of things, gave them to someone who used them, but, this spray was nice in summer


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Nov 7 9:45 pm

Always sample Pack


Nice for the girls, this came w/quite a few things in it-