10/29/09 mail and Walmart freebies

Walmart: 100 ct. box of Lipton tea bags, Dark Reese’s candy, Arm & Hammer coupons
FedEx: Fishful Thinking kit (info & tote)
UPS: 2 Viva Diva cafe mugs
Mail: Nemo wallpaper and various coupons from the mailbox (Pizza Hut, KFC, Fred’s, Family Dollar, Bronkaid)

10/26/09 mail, etc.

Went to get the Free grilled chicken from KFC (thigh & wing) from their giveaway promo, Rocket razz football from Bergwood, Abuelita sample and coupon, OB tampons with case & coupons, Luna LemonZest bar, 5 mags, The way To Happiness kit

10/19/09 mail

RAOK coupons & others, $6.99 check, highlights stickers,

I want a public Option sticker, Free eukanuba puppy food coupon, 60 ct Slow Mag product, Byetta carry case, 15 magazines, Trick or Treat for Unicef halloween party kit (tote, cards, balloons, decals, & stickers)

10/16/09 mail

Boost nutritional drink sample kits (vanilla/ chocolate & $1 & $2 off coupons), Various Heinz coupons – 1 is for a Free worcestershire or steak sauce… never had either one.. Hmm.. oh & 3 magazines

10/13/09 mail -part 2

2 Alpo Serve & Saveutensils, 2 Secret Clinical strength deodorants and 10 $2 off coupons from Vocalpoint, Biggby Coffee frog tattoo, Seafood Watch kit


ohhh yummmy
came with Free coupon for Perdue Chicken  and lots of $2 off perdue chicken and lots of $2 off macaroni grill

Vegetarian Starter Kit

Oct 26 10:24 pm

Martha Stewart Crafts houseparty

Oct 23 3:50 pm

Got my party package! It is awesome :run: ! (from houseparty.com)

Environmental Protection Agency Planet Protectors Club Membership Kit

Oct 22 10:36 am

Came with member badge, giant poster of calendar of activities, “certification” award document, stickers, brochure, and activity booklets

BzzAgent Welcome Kit

Oct 22 10:36 am

It’s a little instruction booklet which helped me a lot and cute stickers.