Free welcome kit from actiq

Mar 9 6:05 pm

freebies-151.jpg (Got this yesturday)

Johnson and Johnson new mothers kit

Mar 8 5:15 pm

original post:’s-kit/

lots of goodies-pads,kooliad,babye lotion, rembrant coupons, neutrogena cleansing pads and liguid make-up,$6 in coupons, eye concealer sample, lip smoother sample,hari remover coupon

Menopause survival kit with personal fan from Wyeth

Mar 3 6:06 pm

possibly the original post?:

Free Colgate oral health Kindergarten classroom kit

Feb 26 12:23 pm

smoke free pledge kit

Feb 23 3:26 pm

have no clue where i found this


-car decal

-pledge to sign

Free Colgate oral health Kindergarten classroom kit

Feb 22 6:51 pm

Free Right Decisions, Right Now Afterschool Kit

Feb 4 3:47 pm

Chivas Flask (Nice) :)

gifts, Kits, Other
Jan 30 3:54 pm

Mail to:
TriStar Fulfillment
PO Box 9011
Bridgeport, NJ 08014-9911

This was really great, right up there with one of the bestest freebie-didn’t think it would be that nice, gave to a friend that likes Absolute-she loved it!

Hyundai Tire Gage

gifts, Kits, Other
Jan 30 3:45 pm


This was nice, came with a whole kit, we actaully are going to have a new driver in the house. This came with a tire gage, and little velcro case to loop on the belt. FREE-how can anyone complain about something free? Can’t figure it out for the life of me-

Ready, Set, Read! Target Offer-

Books, gifts, Kits, Other, Stickers
Jan 30 3:37 pm

Ready, Set, Read! –it’s supposed to come with backpack, books, stickers & bookmarks-It did!