Free menopause survival kit

Mar 29 10:32 pm

Free WWF Fundraising Kit

Mar 28 11:53 am

free WWF fundraising kit

Mar 28 11:34 am

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its made of cloth, very very nice! gonna collect our change and friends for them. will be handy after though!

fre colgate oral health kit for classrooms-EXPIRED

Mar 26 6:31 pm

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second one they sent me for some reason, this one is even for 50 kids actually. i miscounted earlier.

Free Watch Out for Wildlife Care Kit

Mar 24 12:13 pm

Poise, Tide 2X, True Lemon, SouthBeach Living, Menopause survival kit

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Mar 21 6:05 pm


Today I got a mother load. I was pretty excited when I saw a bunch of boxes along with a package I ordered (which by the way came with a freebie as well. ) )

Poise Pads – Ultra thin, and liner

Tide 2X

True Lemon (I had gotten an email from them a while back telling me that I should have gotten their samples by then and if not to email them. So I waited a bit and then emailed them, and about a week later I got an envelope with 3 samples of each flavor. Well today I got an envelope from them with two 40 cents off coupons, some information and 5 samples of each flavor! I now assume this was the one they rushed off after my email.)

South Beach Living (This one came with different flavors than the last one, thank goodness. It came with Mixed Berry granola clusters, and Natural Tropical Breeze drink mix.)

Menopause Survival Kit (Came with lots of information and samples of Os-cal and Remifemin. The later was a full size box of the product.)

I also got my sale order from Nature’s Inventory, the company that sent us the leg calm, and for some the back soothe. They sent me a free mini glass bottle sample of head soothe with my order. 🙂

Free Chicagoland Travel Kit-EXPIRED

Mar 19 8:42 am

free chicagoland travel kit

Mar 17 4:17 pm

Free Johnson & Johnson Moms Kit

Mar 14 3:56 pm

Call 1-866-565-2229 and press 1 –

Free welcome packet from Organic Valley

Mar 14 3:55 pm