Food for my events!

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Jun 18 1:56 pm

I got Nesquik milk cartons & they were a dollar more so I paid $4 for 4 cartons ($3.99 limit) & I had to pay for the medium size bottle for $3.99 (4 coupons limit rule :wtc: ). So the Total was $8 for Nesquik drinks. (& I still got to get more er) The muffins will go with the Nesquik drinks for the FNL. AND…. I will use the Sunbelt & Snickers for a sports event in my church that might come soon. Woot I got it all figured out now yay! Thanks Chris. Everyone will be like :bowdown: Hehehe.  :kekeke:

Muffins – EXPIRED
Sunbelt bars – EXPIRED

Urban Bird Kit

Jun 17 9:33 pm

Target Club Wedd registry gifts

In the kit: A cute tan organizer, lots of different coupons (I’ll give these away), free chocolate bar and popcorn/soda coupons, stationary samples, 2 “Our Dreambook” catalogs

Set of Speed Stacker glow-in-the-dark cups/carry bag, dvd, and info

dvds/videos/music, Kits
Jun 16 6:30 pm


USPS Shipping Kit

Jun 16 5:10 pm

Eh, the envelope is covering up my address.-link

Today’s free stuff

DJ club kit
It includes a notepad which you can place in your binder or something.
Free Starbucks coffee
Everyone who wasn’t aware of this & has a Starbucks GC, sign up now! It should work with a GC.
Sober X patch :kekeke: [Sorry, it’s EXPIRED.]
Star magazine [EXPIRED, sorry.]
Free subscription to Newsweek [Sorry, it’s EXPIRED.]
Happy with my mail today. :wiggle:
Thanks Chris.

Asian American Donor Program Kit

Jun 15 5:23 pm

:dunno: Well, I am not Asian American :kekeke: –link

Free Chicago white sox fan pack

Jun 13 11:53 am

Parent’s pack

Finally came :bigthumb:

Call for a parent’s pack
I got less than others, but still awesome. Thanks Chris! :wiggle:
This is about 3 days work filling out forms! :run: One call got me all this!

Today’s mail includes:

Caress sample
Grilling recipe book
Free issue of Marie Claire (EXPIRED – sorry)
Marriage today mag issue
Walmart’s Fiber one sample (Worked second time after the first one arrived) :yum:
Free pens form ecampus
Can’t find the link for the book.. :dunno:
And.. the Nesquik shirt is an XL.. A little big, but oh well it was free! lol
Thanks Chris & everyone who mentioned about Nesquik Breakers. :wiggle: