Stationery, buisness cards, notepad, etc.

Kits, Other, Samples, Stickers
Jul 8 7:36 pm


Mail 07-08-08

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Jul 7 9:03 pm

Dove Savvy Kit

Jul 5 2:01 pm
I forgot I sent off for this. Its nice.

Coleman Fishing Pen

gifts, Kits, Other
Jul 2 7:23 pm

This is a google freebie. There’s a reel, lures, etc. that come with it. Didn’t know all that would come with it. It has a 30 day warranty, which is probably how long it takes to break it. LOL :kekeke:

Free A Birthday Cake Is No Ordinary Cake Classroom Kit

Jun 30 10:12 am

Party in a box!

Jun 28 4:00 pm

This is what the Fedex guy left on my doorstep today at 7.45 :eek3: am – the TNT Ladies Night houseparty! Whee! (the cat’s already very much into the wine charms…)

Today’s freebies

I got the mascaras for being an Allure expert: sign up here
I signed up a log time ago, but I never got to take any surveys, and finally I checked my freebie email & found a survey & took it. Didn’t expect these to come!
Mini Zrii gift pack
Gillette sample
Tatouage samples – I like these!
Thanks Chris.

April Showers Gift Pack from Clean Home Journal

:wiggle: Wow. This is a surprise. April showers in June, LOL. :
Three 16 fl. oz Ziploc Twist ‘n Loc bowls with Leak resistant seal tops
1 Glade Plug-ins Scented Gel (Clean Linen scent) / outlet cartridge & Save $1 coupon
There’s a coupon booklet also. It has 10 Save $1 coupons on various products like: Pledge, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout Advanced and Fantastik. I’ll give the coupons away to whomever.


Free Ovie’s underground Organic Valley Club kit

Jun 21 9:51 am

Sunbelt Bars!

Jun 18 3:15 pm

These Will Be Great For Our Relay For Life Walk. So Happy I Got Them.
Not as good as Smiley, But Great for a newbie like me!!!