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Sep 25 6:39 pm

Free My country Dvd/vhs

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Sep 24 8:47 pm -symphony conductor James DePreist profiles three people with disabilities whose lives have been shaped by the struggle for equal rights. Mr. DePreist is the nephew of African American contralto Marian Anderson, who in 1939 was prevented from singing at Constitution Hall because of her race. He draws parallels between racial barriers and the barriers faced by people with disabilities


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Aug 17 2:49 pm -it’s a movie about bike helmets for kids

Free copy of The World Culinary Arts Series: Savoring the Best of World Flavors dvd

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Aug 15 9:25 am -company name required -thanks gunawan

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Aug 8 6:07 pm

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Jul 29 12:25 am -they will call you to place the order

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Jul 18 9:00 pm

The complete archive of Aramco World and Saudi Aramco World back issues through the end of 2007 is now available on DVD – every article, every photograph, every map and illustration, just as they appeared in the printed magazine. The disk also includes searchable subject, author and title indexes. -email them: to request it and make sure you include your full adress(with country)

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Jun 11 6:34 pm

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May 27 5:27 pm -includes tons of free stickers and a free copy of peta2’s High Fives & Stage Dives DVD, featuring footage of Death Cab For Cutie, Le Tigre, The Used, Rise Against, Shadows Fall, Dillinger Escape Plan, and more. Also has a booklet of vegetarian recipes and tips on how you can help animals.