Possible Free Post-it Brand Samples

Aug 11 9:01 pm

https://app.sampler.io/post-it-back-to-school/ -register or login with your Sampler account for a chance to get Free Post-it Brand Samples. Not everyone will qualify.

Free Buguard Sample for businesses

Jul 31 4:06 pm

https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/0W1e6Yg/buguard -fill out the form to get a Free Buguard Sample. Company name required.

Possible Free Mystery Sample box

Jul 18 6:22 am

https://peekage.com/widgets/c0647ef9-cdb0-4cc4-9433-4c7d8e4e1874 -click lets do it and fill out the form for a chance to get a Free Mystery Sample box from Peekage. If you get an error that it’s already been requested at your address you can try to request using your 9-digit zip code to get it to go through.

Free Lollypop at See’s Candies Stores on July 20

Jul 11 7:22 am

https://www.instagram.com/p/CfwWaEQldhN/ -get a free Lollypop at See’s Candies Stores on Wednesday, July 20.  –locator

Free Medley Home Fabric Swatches

Jun 30 5:37 am

https://medleyhome.com/collections/swatches -click add swatch, add up to 7 swatches and click order to get Free Medley Home Fabric Swatches.

Possible Free Samples from Sampler

Jun 28 4:06 pm

https://app.sampler.io/smn/ -register or login with your Sampler account to see if you have new samples available. Many accounts could have new free stuff available.

Free Transfer Express Screen Printing Samples

Jun 28 8:11 am

https://www.transferexpress.com/marketing-tools/free-samples -fill out the form to request Free Transfer Express Screen Printing Samples. Company name required.

Free Blind Swatch Samples from Blinds Galore

Jun 25 6:06 am

https://www.blindsgalore.com/free-samples -select the blinds that you want, scroll down and click the sample button. Add up to 15 to your cart to get them free with free shipping.

Free Froyo for Dads at TCBY on June 19

Jun 17 8:04 am

https://www.tcby.com/  -on Sunday, June 19 Dads can get a Free 6 oz. Froyo at TCBY. –locator