Possible Kleenex product testing

Product Testing/Panels
Jul 31 2:24 pm

http://www.crm-metrix.com/kclarkworld/sc/kleenexsc08/cscreen.asp -on the second page of the form check the box that says “To become part of the KLEENEX development team and share additional opinions about KLEENEX in the future”

New Balance Shoes Product testing

http://weartest.newbalance.com/Apply/Index.asp?Reference=.. -this was posted before, but some members are reporting that they’re starting to get their shoes. Might be worth a try if you didn’t do it before

AOR Cosmetic Product Testing

Product Testing/Panels
Jul 6 11:32 pm

http://www.cosmeticresearchonline.co.uk/default.aspx?siteZone=pu.. -You will test many types of products including cosmetics and toiletries, clothing, footwear, household and cleaning products and maybe even engine additives. We are responsible for testing most of the brands you see in your high street stores and online, including Boots, Body Shop, Crabtree and Evelyn, Healthspan, Oriflame, Santuary, Marks and Spencer, Virgin Vie and many more.

Mom Select samples and surveys

Product Testing/Panels
Jun 24 9:43 am

http://www.momselect.com/ -this site sends out surveys and samples once and a while. They recently did that Kung Fu Panda promotion that expired quickly.

Reality Checkers Product testing and surveys

Product Testing/Panels
May 8 12:30 am

they will email you when they have products available for testing, only people who have signed up can get them. Click where it says “Click here to join“.

El Monterey Foods Product Testing

Product Testing/Panels
Apr 10 11:33 am

Pentel New Product Panel

Product Testing/Panels
Mar 30 8:48 pm

http://www.appliedresearchwest.com/pentel2/pnellogn.htm -Pentel makes pens, you might receive some of their new ones if you sign up for this

Kashi Community product testing

http://www.kashi.com/account/new -Other member benefits include access to exclusive coupons and the opportunity to become a part of the Kashi Taste Tester Panel.

General Mills Advisory Panel

Product Testing/Panels
Mar 21 8:10 pm

http://www.millsadvisorypanel.com – they do product testing and have surveys that can earn you amazon GC’s and paypal cash. They haven’t had signups available in a long time and will probably fill up quick though