Possible Free Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles

Product Testing/Panels
May 17 8:48 pm

https://www.bzzagent.com/member/CampaignInvite.do?id=7101888399 -login or register. If you already have an account you may have an invite. They mentioned on facebook that it’s a big campaign so you might get an invite in the next few days if you didn’t get one yet.

Possible Free facial moisturizer product test

Product Testing/Panels
May 10 4:00 pm

Login or register. If you qualify it will be under the offers for you section.

Google Screenwise panel

Product Testing/Panels
Mar 9 11:11 am

http://www.google.com/landing/screenwisepanel/ -for downloading the google screenwise browser extension you get one of these: $5 Barnes and Noble Gift Card; $5 Papa John’s Gift Card; $5 Rixty Card; $5 Sephora Gift Card; $5 Walmart Gift Card; $5 Zappos.com Gift Card; $25 Expedia Hotel Card; $25 Grocery Savings Program Membership; Child ID Kit; or Magazine Subscription. You also get one of those gifts for every 3 months that you use it, it does track your internet usage though.

Goody Product Sample Panel

Product Testing/Panels
Feb 21 11:27 am

http://contentm.mkt2106.com/mson/2012/02/20/l3zwQdDEvGZw/index.html -you have to be selected to get the samples.

Seventeen Social Club

Product Testing/Panels
Feb 13 3:01 pm

http://www.seventeensocialclub.com -Seventeen is looking for their top social networkers to join the exclusive Seventeen Social Club. As a member, you could… – Receive free products to try and share your thoughts with your social network – Get VIP access to cool events in your area – Receive the inside scoop on discounts and special offers – Appear in the pages of Seventeen

Good Housekeeping Research Institute product testing

Product Testing/Panels
Jan 10 4:04 pm

https://www.facebook.com/GOODHOUSEKEEPING -they posted this on their facebook wall: The Beauty Lab at our the GH Research Institute is testing anti-aging makeup! Would you like to be one of our testers? Email us ghribeauty@hearst.com.

Raley’s Mom’s World Panel

http://www.raleys.com/cfapps/moms/moms.cfm -there is a chance for some product tests in this panel. They’re a grocery store located in CA and NV

General Mills Pssst Product testing and Advisory Panel

Product Testing/Panels
Dec 29 11:32 pm

J. D. Power & Associates Panel

Product Testing/Panels
Dec 23 10:19 am

Signup link -you can earn Amazon Gift cards, magazine subcriptions, and more for taking their surveys. -They should start you with a $5 balance as well.