Free Bayer Blood Glucose monitoring system & subscription to diabetic cooking

Magazines, Other
May 10 2:54 pm

Free engraved key chain, name plate, or heart bookmark

Keychains, Other
Apr 29 8:25 am -you have to post their link on your blog, personal web site, or from another site(like myspace)
corporate plaques

Free Stuff Times Myspace Application

Apr 15 3:31 pm

Good news for all of you myspace users out there, I just developed a Free Stuff Times application on there. Now you can get updates and more right on myspace. I just released it today, so there may be some issues, and I should be adding more features to it eventually as well. If you want to check it out go here: and click add this app. Thanks!

Dow Styrofoam craft club

Apr 15 9:15 am -the info page says: Participate in free offers for crafting supplies, craft kits and project books

Follow Free Stuff Times on Twitter

Mar 30 11:48 pm

For those of you who use Twitter, you can now follow Free Stuff Times on there.  Just go here: and click follow, for updates when new freebies are posted.

Free Zebra Mussel Watch Card

Mar 30 1:34 pm

Free map of Michigan

Mar 25 8:30 am

Free epa mouspad, keychain, bookmarks and more

Mar 21 12:39 pm

Link -click the items you want and add them to your cart. The site is kind of confusing, sometimes you have to click around a bit to get the item to your cart and ordered.

Free bayer glucose meter batteries

Mar 11 1:06 pm