Free Four Loko Face Masks

Apr 4 5:13 am -fill out the form to get Free Four Loko Face Masks.

Free United Soybean Board Hat

Mar 31 7:41 pm -fill out the form and make sure you select the free hat option to get a Free United Soybean Board Hat.

Free Compression Socks for Prime Users

Mar 26 5:05 am -every day at 3AM eastern the first 50 people can get Free Compression Socks on Amazon. You have to be a prime member the get free shipping. Scroll down, click claim coupon and enter your email. Then go here, select your color and size and clip the $4 coupon. Then use the promo code they gave you to make it $.01 with free prime shipping.

Free Ring Sizer

Mar 20 12:51 pm -fill out the form to get a Free Ring Sizer from Moissanite. -fill out the form to get a Free Ring Sizer from Nal Adams.

Free Lupus Nephritis awareness bracelets

Clothing/Jewelry, Kits
Mar 19 5:10 am -fill out the form to get a Lupus Nephritis Awareness Kit “which includes an informative brochure, disease awareness bracelets, and USB drive with materials to help you better understand and manage lupus nephritis”

Free PhytoGen Cottonseed Hat

Mar 11 12:58 pm -fill out the formt o get a Free PhytoGen Cottonseed Hat.

Free Ukraine Wristband

Mar 8 8:17 pm -scroll down and fill out the form to get a Free Ukraine Wristband from Rapid Wristbands.

Free Skechers Socks

Mar 8 5:24 pm -make a new Skechers account and you’ll get enough points for a $10 reward. Then download the Skechers app for iOS or Android and login. Go to the Skechers Plus rewards section and you should now have enough points for a $15 reward. They have socks that are under $15, which you can get free with free shipping using your points at checkout.

Free Georgia State face mask

Feb 28 7:13 am -fill out the form to get a Free Georgia State face mask. It might be for Georgia only but it doesn’t say.