• Elaleh

    Not testing for them since they test on animals 🙁

  • Lisey

    They actually stopped testing on animals last year! Much to my relief. I’d been boycotting them so long.

  • sandra

    They never want me, a caucasian female, 25-55 🙁

  • Allison

    This 26 year old Caucasian female has been picked to do 3 L’Oreal product tests over the past couple of months. I check for surveys every day though. So don’t give up!

  • debbie

    When do they send an email with your id #? Im still waiting

  • Allison

    I got mine right away. Did you check your spam folder? Here’s their contact form:

  • debbie

    Ive checked spam and still nothing. Thanks for the contact form I’ll try that.

  • Ronni

    I belonged to this for over 6 years and only got to test one product. Try Buzzagent or Crowdtap. I’ve tested over 25 products for Buzzagent alone.

  • Kim

    BzzAgent *use to* be a good company. Now with the new owner (yer same old staff) they dostupid things ike NOT send you emails if you’re not participating in a campaign. Well then, how does one participate if their never sent “email” invites. Can anything get any dumber.
    Beware L’Oreal Consumer Testing has also been acting strange lately, removing members for either some unthical reason or no reason at all.