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  • Garden Gal

    no have

  • VJ

    it was offered to me but the screener to get it disqualified me…I wonder what I said to not be able to get it :dunno:

  • elizabeth

    You have no new offers at this time. Check again or watch for emails from smiley360.com 🙁

  • bella

    :wiggle: got in earlier when they emailed me about it. The curry/chicken soup is REALLY good.

  • Allison B.

    Got this last time. Just got my soup in the mail. Waiting to try it :fingersx:

  • vannessa

    :uh: it said i didn’t qualify :dunno:

  • VJ

    ya me too…wonder what we filled out that bombed us out of there??

  • boagman

    I’ve already tried three different Campbell’s Go! soups, and I’ve been very happy with the Moroccan Chicken, the Coconut Curry, and the Golden Lentil. They’re very impressive, and surprisingly: they’re *not* just a salt lick. The spicing is very well done. I’m happy they’re letting me in on this!