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  • katie

    Thanks! They let me accept the mission right away

  • Kristin

    Cool I got it!

  • ec

    i was qualified. :wiggle:
    congrats to those who got in too.

  • sadie

    I like Bic pens 🙂

  • wingthing

    link is not working 🙁

  • Rachael

    Sweet I got it! I remember these back in my day! Lol the 80s!

  • kellie

    accepted thank you :bowdown:

  • Michele S

    Got it! 🙂

  • kitty


  • kalmanizer

    I think I got accepted for a mission completely irrelevant to pens, lol. I got approved for something else. Am I allowed to disclose what? I don’t know what the rules are if our missions approved are confidential or not? 🙂

  • Denise

    :wiggle: YAY I got it, Thanks

  • AMY1

    Thanks, I haven’t used this pen since I was in high school. ( :kekeke: over 25 year ago)

  • chelesa sims

    :wiggle: :bigthumb: :kekeke: i was accepted yeah .thanks

  • heather

    wow filled out and was ready to accept and it was filled up boooo

  • freebielvr

    not in my offers?

  • Honey nahar

    Smart pen

  • Honey nahar

    Smart writing pen

  • Honey nahar

    I like this pen