Free Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather and Tech Wash Samples

Apr 28 2:02 pm -take the quiz. You have to get the questions correct, but you can take the quiz again until you do. You can get samples from them every 2 months, it’s been over 2 months since this was last posted. -you can also take the quiz on this page to get a free Tech Wash Sample.

Free $20 Schoola Credit – Free clothing

Gift Cards/Certs
Apr 28 12:22 pm

Linkgo here and click join at the top and register. They’ll give you a $10 credit in your account.
Update –  create a custom collection here(you can do this really quick), they’ll add another $10 credit to your account.
Update(4/28) -check out with code TIME2SHOP to get 50% off. They will also probably send you a 50% off code by email when you make a new account.

Reminder – Free Bombshell Fragrance Mist at Victoria’s Secret at 1PM -EXPIRED

Apr 28 11:22 am -register, when it goes live you’ll get an email or text telling you when it goes live to get your coupon. There will be a limited amount available. –Update – this will be going live at 1PM eastern today. Make sure you jump on the link quick as soon as they send it.

Free Hallmark Greeting Card at Giant Eagle

Apr 28 10:13 am -load a coupon for a Free $.99 Greeting Card at Giant Eagle  Stores to your Advantage card. Expires 5/4

113 Free Kindle ebook downloads

Apr 28 9:01 am

These kindle ebooks can be read on the kindle, but also on your computer with the kindle program, or the kindle app on many different mobile devices. There have also been a lot of other free kindle ebooks posted here, so be sure to check those out. Also, kindle book prices change very frequently, so make sure it’s $0 before you checkout.
Today’s top rated books:

Free Geoffrey Plush Toy and Storybook at Toys R Us

Apr 28 5:59 am -on Sunday May 1, Saturday June 18, and Saturday July 16 Toys R Us is going to have a Geoffrey’s Birthday Club event in store. Also, if you register for the birthday club, a coupon will be sent out a month before the Geoffrey’s Birthday Club member’s birthday to get a Free Geoffrey Plush Toy and Storybook at Toys R Us.

Free Watch For Motorcycles Sticker and Bikers’ Rights and Sturgis Calendar Card

Apr 28 4:50 am -fill out the form to get a Free Pink “Watch For Motorcycles” Sticker -fill out the form to get a Free Bikers’ Rights Card and Sturgis Calendar Card
They also have many other Free Watch for Motorcycles, Cycles, Pedestrians and more stickers listed here.

Free Automatic by Kaskade MP3 Album Download

videos & music
Apr 28 12:52 am -click the free button to get a Free Automatic by Kaskade MP3 Album Download

Free Stuff Times Daily Summary

Apr 27 11:50 pm

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