-click register without a promo code -after your register it should bring you to a screen that says choose your gift. Click it and submit -if you’re already a member login with promo code: MAR9680 -I put this back up because some people were able to get it to work, but it doesn’t seem to for about 95% of people so it might not be worth your time

  • momofbee

    No choose your gift option… :dunno:
    Oh, well…

  • McLovin

    you have to be 21 or older
    im only 19!! :uh:

  • Kristin

    I don’t see it eather :dunno:

  • Vicki

    not there for me either

  • kathisierra

    there is no gift offer, only a contest to vote for bands. :dunno:

  • candy

    i was already on their mailing list so nothing. oh well. wonder if I could sign up hubby and get the offer :dunno:

  • cathyl

    I registered as a new person.. and no gift option.. then i logged in with a name they know.. and no gift option.. :dunno:

  • Carina

    it 6PM and nooo mail yet wtf!!!! normally comes at 4!!!

  • leigh

    Posting to what i got chris! wohooo :h5:

  • cathyl

    The Promotion Code you have entered does not match your Customer Number. Please re-enter your Promotion Code.

    Maybe it is only for those with certain customer numbers.

  • :io: to much for a free lighter lol

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris … Same Here …No Dice

  • bzadd

    I was able to get a coupon for a free pack of ciggerettes

  • Heather

    It went through just fine for me. Had my correct address and everything. Wow, something went right today…. :rofl:

  • leigh

    hey chris i had one more frebie to enter! sowwy

  • Heather

    Well, I think I am heading off for a while, my bed is calling my name loud and clear! My mail finally ran today and I got a Kidz Bop dvd and a $5 kfc check. :wavey:

  • evis buchanan

    yes,u can i just did :naughty: :run:

  • lilangel311

    I have no need for “buy one get one free” coupon so i picked the lighter, thank you :bigthumb:

  • Amy E Mays

    It went through for me, but it didnt for my hubby. :dunno:

  • Steve

    I filled in my name and address and it said they found me on the mailing list then I finished signing up, but no gift option. So then I logged out and then chose to log back in when I did it should to login in with user name password b-day and promo code(optional). I put the promo code in and then it gave me the option of a lighter or coupons.I choose the lighter and it stated to expect it in 4-6 weeks.


  • Michelle

    :wavey: :bigthumb: Yes, after you log in, log out and put the code in the “promo code” box. It should offer you the free gift.

  • tonya

    i didn’t see the gift options either

  • tonya

    how do you see your log out button how you make it show 😡

  • tonya

    i didn’t see the offer can someone help me please 🙁

  • tonya

    they says it’s invalid code don’t match

  • Laura

    It went through for me, I got hubby a lighter

    oh I like this one :h: :h: :h:

  • pam606

    I got this under my old account but registering hubby for new one did not get offer. i think you might already have had to be on the mailing list?

  • Kim Clark

    :confused: what do you put in for the customer number? :dunno:

  • vrdrago

    I was going to do it but don’t wanna enter part of my social security number to register…

  • kedbernard

    worked 4 me! but im a smoker anyway (cough cough)

  • Tammy

    :wiggle: I’m new to this sight-found out about it on redbox insider.
    The zippo lighter offer is no longer valid but if you go to you can vote to win. It is connected to marlbro.
    Have a great day

  • Karen

    After I registered, it offered me the lighter! :bigthumb:

    Woo Hoo!!!!!! :h:

  • Karen

    Thanks Chris! It was definitely worth my time! :h5:

  • Karen

    No I was brand new and not on the mailing list…and it worked for me…maybe my answers were acceptable to them… :confused:

  • Karen

    Same here…guess it’s picking people at random… :dunno:

  • Karen

    No sometimes the “promo code doesn’t match the customer number”

    Oh what to do?? :confused:

  • Johnna

    Cant even get thru, it says cant confirm age or address. idk.Like some one else said to much for a lighter. But i have gotten several things from this sight and i love it. thank you


    :bigthumb: I just signed up as a new registar and they verified my drivers license and address for the last 10 years and age and then they put me through a survey and I got a choice of coupons or the Zippo lighter did not have to add the code..I picked the lighter and then went on to the contest.

  • Elise

    I was stumped on that one too, so I registered without using a promo code, so it didn’t prompt for a customer number, and at the end of the registration it just gave me the option of the lighter or a buy one get one free pack of smokes. DUH, the lighter!! lol

  • Rachel Constant

    Yes, I’d like to get a free lighter. Thank you so much! Just tell me how.

  • Lin

    It didnt seem to work when I just signed up, but I logged out and signed back in with my user name and password and used the promo code and it worked 🙂 said they will send my lighter in 4-6 weeks! 😀

  • liz

    i got the same thing too




    i cant wait to use my lighter

  • bobbiemc


  • Kim Clark

    :wiggle: I finally got through and my lighter is on its way :run:

  • Leisa Penix

    I would like to receive my free lighter.

  • Leisa Penix

    where do you go to get your free zippo?

  • Leslie

    :wiggle: I just received the free lighter in the mail today.It took less than a week to receive thanks.

  • Angela Iredale

    cant wait to try my lighter out

  • evis buchanan

    :wiggle: got mine yesterday plus carhartt hat

  • steve morrison

    I recived a promotional code butI cant seem to get in to it it is pleas help

  • grumppy

    i went to the site and got a password then when i put in it says no valid then i retry then say my name is invalid

  • jeffrey johnson

    how do I get free lighter

  • boo31

    worked for me just now–follow the directions to a t and it will work.

  • jeffery williams


  • cheryl sachs


  • cheryl sachs

    really would like to have that lighter :fingersx:

  • TAMI

    I guess I am just slow but where do I register with promo code for the free zippo

  • click first time here and register with promo code

  • christopher

    give me a nother canmcer stic :run:

  • Marvis Hastings

    Mar9680, Cust#639758574, Your system is wacked. Cant get thru. You have my info on file. So just send me the lighter.

  • Jason

    Got mine today 11/13/08 ordered 6 weeks ago…

  • shuma

    were do I go to got my zippo lighter?? :confused:

  • harry s clough

    how do i get my lighter i buy enough of the product :confused:

  • anthony zajac

    need a lighter.

  • anthony zajac

    what do ido to get my zippo?

  • follow the instructions in the post, but it doesnt work for everyone

  • Steven Solodar

    aquire free zippo lighter? How?

  • Emmett Daehn

    Hope this works. You folks are very kind for the stuff ya’ll send out. Thanks
    Emmett Daehn

  • Emmett Daehn

    Where do I go to get the free lighter?

  • Wendy


  • Robert j.J. Bernal

    I’ll try to do this sounds real good
    thanx Bob Bernal :io: :io:

  • maria ruiz

    quiero un lither dde malrbboro free duh jaajajajajajajaajaj :bowdown:

  • Chris Hill

    I never recieved my lighter

  • missy

    😡 PLEASE tell me where i sign in at?

  • nathon young

    how do i get my free lighter 😡

  • kc

    me 2

  • tyrone

    How & what link,i’ve been trying so hard!

  • joe giusti

    PPP:P:P:P i cant even join it seems

  • joe giusti

    just indeed