-there are around 1900 left

  • bella

    :h5: awesome, thanks. still 880 left!

  • Laura Bailey

    I drive a truck and I need to hydrate as natural as posible for health reasons.

  • Sus

    Yay, mine’s on the way :) ….Thanks!

  • Aut

    it says there are no samples left. :(

  • yay


  • Nicole

    thanks chris :yum:

  • Kitty

    I joined Listia and here is my link to join.

  • Andrea L.

    thanks says 1309 left!

  • mochi

    thank you chris for the post! tried this once hoping it would taste like the one i had back in asia….oh my, no comparison at all. this one has a strong ‘preservative’ aftertaste. :( anyway, just a heads up. i strongly suggest drinking this very well-chilled to help minimize that yuck aftertaste. ;)

  • Lugnut

    all gone

  • lynn

    gone for today

  • Ashley

    4/23/14 imagination

  • Tatiana

    thank you!

  • Ashley

    4/26/14 shark