• Mrs. Air Force

    I’m going to politely ask those who are not survivors of a deceased service man or woman to please opt out of this freebie.

  • michelle

    I agree with Mrs. Air Force

  • Denise

    Tell your husband THANK YOU 4 all that he does 4 our counrty.

  • Bamamom

    Wouldn’t dream of signing up for this outside of it’s intended purpose.

  • Chris

    Yeah please do not abuse this one. And ignore the trolls if they pass through, some people just try to annoy others by saying anything.

  • Chris
  • William

    As a veteran, let’s support Mrs. Air Force on this one.

  • Anna

    The request now button doesn’t work for me. :dunno:

  • shaun

    It didnt work for me either I sent them an email. Hopefully they will mail me one

  • Team 11 HitmaN

    I agree with Mrs. Air force , I lost my brother after his tour in Iraq this is helpful to survivors of military personal

  • chelesa sims

    I agree Mrs. Air Force I think it should be reserved for survivors only.


    Right on!

  • Anna


  • gary sr.

    i agree with ms airforce 100 percent hoorah