Text message SPLASH to 23743 on your cell phone. It’s free with no purchase necessary in store, but there’s a $.01 charge online

  • Allison

    I tried to use the code on a pair that was $7.50. The site said: “The Aerie Free Undie- Clearance/ Factory included has been applied but the qualification rules have not been met. The promotion excludes Gift Cards.”

    Anyone else have the same problem?

  • Bportboy

    I am waiting on my code I hope I get free boxerz :fingersx:

  • Nishi

    Shipping appears to be free today.

  • Nishi

    It totally is. I got penny panties. 😀

  • jhigh

    Sent the code twice and nothing. I would like to have some pretty penny panties. ..

  • Allyson

    Got it, thanks!

  • Allyson

    It took about 20 mins before I got it after sending.

  • Francine

    Thanks for the heads up. 😀 I wait patiently. Was your code unique?? :fingersx:

  • Kat

    Yes. I used both mine and husbands phone. Got two separate codes and was told had to use one per transaction.

    I only waited about 12 mins on mine and then almost 30 mins on my husbands.

    Thanks Chris!! :bowdown:

  • megan

    is it clearance panties or any pantie?

  • Kat

    Any single panty worth $9.50.

  • Jen

    I sent the text at 10 and still haven’t received a response text 🙁 Anyone else having this problem?

  • diane f.

    Got it thanks 🙂

  • Stephanie Evans

    It took about an hour for my code. Any panties up to $9.50. Free shipping, panties are a penny.
    Thanks Chris :wiggle:

  • BlackPearl2013

    Got the code. Thanks :wiggle:

  • Kristin

    I sent a text two hours ago and still nothing

  • Rachel

    Mine took 2 hours, better late than never!

  • E

    HOW do u send a text with text plus? thanks!

  • Kelley

    I got the text but can anyone tell me if it is a the letter code or numbers and if so which numbers to use? Thank you!

  • Bportboy

    Still never got da code ughhh

  • Nishi

    Use the really long number code.

  • Kat

    It’s a 20-digit number code to use online in the promotional code spot. If you walk into a store the cashier uses a 3 digit number code.

  • Kelley

    Thank you! Got it! Took 2 hours for me to also get a response but it does work. 😉

  • Veronica


  • Veronica

    Took 4 hours to arrive for me…

  • Veronica

    took 4 hours!

  • Veronica

    It can take a LONG time (4 hours on my husband’s phone).

  • Kellz

    undies for a penny? Um heck yeah :bigthumb: thank you chris

  • Jessica

    Thanks Chris!!!!

  • Doris

    I got my code but it apply to free shipping were do I get the free panties please help

  • Tina

    The code is in the text that they send you. Free shipping is automatically applied when you go to checkout. Make sure that you apply the code from your text in the checkout page under promo code.

  • jhigh

    Are they all out of codes? It still has not come to husbands phone sent the text at like 9am almost 12 hours ago…

  • Kate

    I did, but the problem went away with a MORE expensive pair. Go figure!

  • Marissa

    I think this is expired. They sent me a code for 20% off an item (EXCLUDING bras, panties and clearance wtf?). No 20-digit code.

  • Karent

    I got the same thing. Quite disappointed since I sent the text early this morning, boo 🙁

  • Christy

    I send the code around 1pm and i got the code around 6pm

  • kerez

    still waiting on any kind of text back, it’s been several several hours. hoping something comes before the free shipping expires online…….

  • Katie

    At American Eagle/Aerie stores or aerie.com

  • jhigh

    Still nothing oh well