-add to cart and enter discount code RADIOLAB3 to get a Free Ubiome Microbiome Explorer Kit. -working again

  • daniella

    I’m not really sure what i signed up for but it went through completely free with no problem!

  • denise lewis

    didn’t work for me. says “This code did not match any active gift card or discount.”

  • Angie Randolph

    Same here

  • Ellie Gee

    not sure what this item is, but it was free!! we’ll see if i indeed get it.

  • madmanfloyd

    After looking into this kit some, I read on FB some paying customers have been waiting for months for their samples to be returned. This looks interesting and I am excited about learning more about my gut microbes, so hopefully they hire more lab techs for faster processing times.

  • Sam

    Worked. Thanks.