-still available if you didn’t get them last year, you may be able to request them again.  –update-all of the different samples are available again.

  • Mel

    Can you order one of each?

  • Katharine

    I just tried, and it didn’t let me, so I’m guessing no.

    Oh well. One is plenty enough!

  • shelly

    Not this time, it seems, but Kotex does tend to offer sample packs from time to time so keep checking. Though I have to say that Kotex’s pads, especially the ones with wings, are HORRIBLE. Sorry, TMI.

  • smara

    It says one per person. Doesn’t say anything about addresses.

  • Lila2004

    It let me order one of each. But I closed down the tab after ordering each one and came back here to click on the link again. Maybe that was why I could do it.

  • shelly

    It seems to be going by cookies – if you clear out your cookies, you can probably order more than one. I tried to send one to my friend but it still wouldn’t let me because my browser must be storing my cookies.

  • laura hernandez

    I got my samples

  • LaShawna

    Only the tampon samples left.

  • garden gal

    all available now, just ordered 2 sleek super tampons/2 liners.